Zombies and such.

Today I was able to be a zombie in a local Zombie Chase 5K. It was a blast. My friend, Kari, helped me pick out the clothes and then a professional make-up artist finished the look.

Scary, no?

I had a lot of fun scaring the snot out of the runners. I hid in some tall grass most of the time and jumped out and chased them!

Last weekend we did Halloween like stuff too. Reuben and I headed to Logan and hit the Pumpkin Walk with the Bills clan. Here are some pics:

Reub as Snow White

Dogs playing poker

Cool pumpkin

Madagascar Penguins

We also did a corn maze with various other activities.

Like a huge slide

and slingshot

My favorite shot with Ez at the top of a tube slide

You can see more pics on my facebook page!

This last week was a fun one at work. I was in charge of the assembly. A highlight was the pie eating contest:

My principal killed it.

I was proud of my kiddos who ran the show and did great!

There was also a cool bike race at the park next to school. One of my bike class students raced:

It was a blast to watch and I rode the course once.

One day I will tell you all about the house R and I are going to
buy, but I am waiting until everything is finalized. But get excited because this is very exciting news. Until later. Cheers!

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