Halloween Festivities

Halloween is my favorite. I think I may even like it better than Christmas. There is just something about being someone else for a day. And seriously, seeing little kids dressed up and their excitement is just fun.
Reub and I hung with the other family that night. The theme was superheroes. The girls all wore tutus. I never knew I had the ability to make a tutu. I like to say tutu.
Here are some pics:

Miri was the Hulk. She is the cutest Hulk I have ever seen. She and I had a good time talking after the trick or treating. She especially likes to discuss global warming.

Here is me and Miri with Reub in the background. I like to say he went as Super Hillbilly Man!

The whole crew

The Padres taking pics.
The kiddos were a blast. Ezra was Buzz Lightyear and it was his first experience going too the houses. He was so cute when he took his bucket and said "treat." And as he walked away: "Tank You!" I love that part of Halloween best. The wee ones are awesome.

The kids at work loved my costume. It was pretty cool when the superintendent of our district came through and I was lifting weights looking like this:

A few more pics of a fun day:

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