Well, Thanksgiving is over. Where is the time going? I know, I say that about once per post but really I am feeling it lately!

Thanksgiving was great. We went up to the cabin for time with the Ficklins. These are the only pictures I took, because I am lame:

Lego Time

Chimi and Mark

While at the Cabin, we ate too much, sat around, and watched football and Dumb and Dumber. I love that flick!

We then headed up to Sandy and had the annual Bingo game. This is one of my favorite traditions:

Reuben having his first experience!

The Bingo Crew

My winnings

I think holding Miri was more fun than winning!

She is my favorite person these days!

Friday, I was able to hit the second part of Breaking Dawn with the Bills girls, and Caleb(because he is a nerd!). It was surprisingly good. I think it may have been better than the first ones but the acting is still horrible.

Saturday, we hung out at the Ficklin home. Liz, Mark and I then went on a hike. It was gorgeous outside. I had a blast. Here are a few magical pics:

As is tradition around Thanksgiving, here is my Top Ten Things that I am Thankful for:
1. Family, near and far!
2. Internet and phones to keep us all close.
3. Having plenty. I do not live a life of need, I am one of the lucky ones.
4. A husband who puts up with this crazy wife and will do anything for me. I am sad that he is very sick right now. Poor kid.
5. Christmas music. It just makes me happy these days.
6. Hats. They make the daily bad hair day manageable.
7. A great job where I get to interact with amazing people everyday and have the opportunity to have a huge impact on the future.
8. A student teacher. What will I do when I have to teach all 8 hours a day come January?
9. A new house coming as a complete surprise and out of the blue. I cannot wait to get my paint on and move into a cutesie house!
10. A healthy body that lets me do all the things I want to. I can run, jump, laugh, cry, and enjoy this life to the fullest. What an amazing blessing!

There are millions of things that I am truly thankful for, but ten is all I have space for today. Thanks for reading and I hope your Thanksgiving was full of bounty and joy, I know mine was! Cheers!


Elizabeth Peterson said...

happy Thanksgiving Alice!!! I am thankful that you are still a part of my life!! Nobody loves you!

Elizabeth Peterson said...
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