Doing Good Makes One Feel Good.

My Student Leadership Class sponsored a family for Sub for Santa this year. We had a lot of fun shopping for the two kids we were assigned.

We also got to deliver the goods to the mom today. She was so dang cute, humble and grateful. She is a single mom, who speaks limited English, and has only been able to find part-time work after recently moving to this area! She thanked us many times and then started to cry. I gave her a big hug and used my limited Spanish skills to tell her it was our pleasure and no problem! What a sweet lady. It made me feel so good to help her out and I know this impacted my 10 Student Leaders in a big way.

Moments like this is why I get up and go I my job everyday! I have an amazing job and I love working side by side with the future. Cool stuff. Any cool things you all have done to liven the Christmas Spirit? Add a comment to share! I'd love to hear some good stories because this time of year helps our hearts grow many sizes, just like The Grinch!

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