How awesome is she?


This is my friend, Kari. She has red hair, is a spitfire and the way her name is spelled is much cooler than Carrie. She tells you what she means and thinks. So, if she loves you, she tells you. If she is pissed, she tells you. I have learned a lot about just being honest with my emotions from Kari. And that is a very good lesson to learn!

Kari has three kids. She is raising them all by herself and doing a smashing job. I am inspired by her drive to be the best mom! I also am inspired by her ability to make students at our school feel loved.

This is all I can muster about how awesome Kari is even though there are thousands of things that make her awesome because I stayed up much too late last night and woke up much too early today.

Happy 31 days of blogging. I will write a post each day this month. Maybe this will make up for my lack of writing last month due to my distractive ways because me of national novel writing month.

The idea here is to come up with blog post themes based on reader input. Comment and let me know what you would like to know about me or have me write about. Does anybody even read this here blog anymore?

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jeifner said...

Course we do! Blog ideas? What are some movies that you loved as a kid that you could still watch a million times or don't retain their luster.

(p.s.Jennifer from Other Ward here :) )