Leaving is always hard.

Before Reuben and I left for Utah, we were able to have a wonderful lunch with my mom, dad and nephew, Elijah.

Don't we look festive and fun? The Pub Cafe, in Rhinelander is a way cool restaurant. It is over a hundred years old and always is decked out in fun festive decor. It's one of my favorite places in Rhinelander even though we don't frequent it nearly enough!

I know many of you already know our news but I thought it is about time we make it official on here. We will be welcoming Baby Ficklin sometime in August next year. Immediate family now all knows so I decided all peeps could know. We are excited and I am nauseated 24/7. Well, bebecito gives me a break when I am sleeping and either eating or real full from eating. Let's hope I don't gain 70 lbs before all is said and done!

Here is how we announced to the family our news: (it makes me chuckle!)

See, my father in law said this at our reception in Wisconsin last summer: "I have a lot of cheesehead grandkids here in Wisconsin and before you know it, these two will have a cheesehead coming down the chute." What a character Perry is and I'm hoping the cheesehead comes on after baby comes down the chute!