Random Tuesday

Ten things that just come into my head as I write this minutes before going to bed:

1. I need to talk to Reuben about family traditions so that I can do a blog post about it!

2. Why does Reuben think 10:30 is a good time to put dishes away seeing I am already in bed?

3. Why am I so tired?

4. It was fun to teach my health classes today and weird because it was like I was my own sub seeing I took over for my student teacher!

5. I wish it were Friday.

6. I used to go to sleep to music, now I don't as much.

7. I like the color purple. Oh and all colors because without them, the world would be boring.

8. Phase ten is a fun game and there is an app for that. I am currently addicted to playing it. That and Hay Day(a silly farm game app)

9. It is fun how it is December and it totally rained today. Not so Christmasy but it was fun to look at lights tonight.

10. I really like Amazon. It's fun to shop online.

Good night. I am tired!

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jeifner said...

I like these random thoughts. Some people even link up together to to Really Random Thursdays.