Renovations=cranky tiredness.

I am already so over renovating our new house. Done.

Okay. Here is a list of numbers for the day:

5 cans of paint purchased.

0 cans actually opened.

1 dog bed purchased

3 kids I wanted to punch at work

70 kids who were well behaved

1 tweet on Twitter

2 Facebook posts

1 blog post

4 phone calls made or received

2 emails sent

7 blog posts read

3 windows covered and then torn out

1 walk about in frustration at renovation

1 slammed door

The end. Must sleep. Exhausted!!!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Peterson said...

Bad days will hopefully turn into good days. I am excited to someday see you new home!
By the way I texted you that I need your address but am not sure if you got it or have the same number. Will you text or email me your new address?