Sick Day.

I watched a huge amount of The Big Bang Theory today. I have no shame. When there is the plague in one's house, you watch a huge amount of tv. It might as well be Big Bang, right?
Reuben really is the sick one. I am still working on being the good wife who has sympathy and tries to meet his every sick need. Usually, I just end up staying far away from him and hoping I do not get the plague. I did better today by buying him lots of homeopathic medicine and food at the grocery store, even though I am tired all. the. time, and just wanted to stay in bed because it was cold, snowy and tired here! I am a big believer in natural healing. I am hoping to sell Reub on it one of these days. It seems that the things my Guru, Jane, suggested have helped him a bit. Well, at least the moaning has been minimized.
Well, off to sleep. Gotta ward off the plague.
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