The End of 2012

Hi folks. Happy New Year.
I had a blast at the Kristin Chenoweth concert. Reuben was still with the plague, so my friend Megan came from the south to go with me. I was glad she came because she is great company. We were lucky to not miss any of the concert even though dinner at Dairy Keen in Heber City made us six minutes late!

You can't really see her, but Kristin looks like an angel, no? A little 4'11" angel! She is truly ear candy, her voice is a treat. What an amazingly talented singer she is and she is also hilarious and down to earth. We totally would be friends if we knew each other! She was fun to hang with on New Year's.
I read this tonight:

It's the letter I wrote myself a year ago today.
It made me cry and be inspired.
Here are my favorite bits:
"Maybe if you didn't fall in love(lucky for me I did!), at least you have loved big in other ways. Have you told those close to you that you love them? Have you been kind to people even when it is hard? Have you made time for people and known when they needed you? Maybe if you haven't now's the time to refocus!"
"It's funny to write to you. I think it would be more cool if I'd get a letter from you telling me what I need to know for this year. If only we had that kind of preparing."
"Did you ever go out with Reuben?"
"I hope our journey in 2012 was cool. That we learned more about us and that we smiled more than cried. Here's to another great year!"
Yep. Here's to the best one yet. Cheers! Happy New Year!

I'm going to document my journey better this year in this inspirational journal.
P.S. you should write a letter to your future self. It's fun to see what happens compared to what you thought might happen! Thanks to Jill and Kate for the idea.

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