Traditions Thursday

Happy Saint Nick's Day. If you are a cool kid, then you put out your shoes last night and St. Nick left some goodies in them for you this morning. Reuben and I were visited by St Nick last night.

This is kind of similar to the Ficklin tradition of Twinkle. Twinkle comes every day in December and brings gifts to the kiddos before Christmas. It is like a twelve days of Christmas extreme!

These are traditions from both of our families that we are going to keep.

Not sure if we will make up any new ones. We may have to have a gratitude white board and a few other new things. We will see where time takes us on our own family traditions. We are so new at this family thing!

Sleep is my tradition that I am going to partake of now. Keep the questions/ prompts coming.


Sunrise this morning over the school!

Guess what faculty meeting snacks/lunch will be tomorrow? :)

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