Things about Reuben!

Reuben sent me this from his phone today.
This is Reno, my future dog. Reuben's dog!

Well, today went fast.  I am glad. I am tired.  This will be short today.

8 Things You Should Know About Reuben:
1.  He is the nicest man I know.  I told him that today.  He truly puts me first and his theme for the last week or so has been: "I am here to make your life easy."  How did I get so lucky?
2.  He only has nine fingers.  He lost his pinkie while building his brother-in-law's cabin.  He has a great attitude about it.  Today he asked our friends who are helping with our invites if they could photoshop his pinkie back into the pics.  Funny.
3.  He is a great cook.  I used to joke around when co-workers had good lunches and would say their wife made it  and that I needed to get me one of those.  I am getting a great husband who loves to cook!
4.  He is a hard worker.  He works a lot and loves what he does.  He is a go getter and gets things done.
5.  He gets embarrassed sometimes because of things he thinks are funny.  I don't think any man ever grows out of ten year old humor!
6.  He is very easy going.  He rarely gets mad and appreciates other people's opinions.  We differ on many things, but he never lets that get him offended or makes me feel like I am wrong or stupid for thinking differently than him.  I love that!
7.  He takes out the trash.  All. The. Time.  He just does it.  I don't know why or how? But he does.  Sometimes when I am not paying attention he just sneaks and does it.  He's brilliant.
8.  He is handy as all get out.  He has fixed a window in my apartment(which will soon be his home too:) and recently got the swamp cooler up and running.  He also can work on cars and does yard work.

I truly am blessed because I get to marry this great guy in a little over a month, who has a million other great qualities.  He is perfect for me and so patient with my crazy ways.  Marrying him will make my life better!  This is an adventure that I look forward to living with him!