Exciting things are coming!

Hiya peeps! I often say Peeps to my students and apparently that is no longer a cool saying, so I guess I will just have to keep using it to make sure that I bug them as much as humanly possible.

Speaking of bugging as much as possible, I bet you want to hear about one of my students and how I have a goal to bug her every single day. It may make me a bad human, but it makes me chuckle every day and sometimes you just need a chuckle, am I right?

Well, there is this one song on my playlist that she hates. Last week, when it started to play she said: "I hate this song." A few days ago, it randomly came on again, which actually is quite funny because most songs do not randomly come on that often. But again, she was very miffed that the song was playing. Her reaction made me laugh a little bit so I just couldn't get myself to change the song for her, when she asked me to. What can I say, I am weak. Anyway, it made me laugh so much that the other day, I looked at another student and said, I bet so and so will complain about this song within a minute and then selected that song to play. It only took about five seconds and said student says: "Why? Why this song again? I hate it." I then was nice and changed to a different song, because, I actually don't really enjoy the song myself and it really is all about the reaction anyway right? Well, I was a little disappointed when I repeated the song later and got no reaction, but guess who will be playing the same song again come tomorrow during that class? Yep, this kid!

School is actually going really well right now. I am liking the kids more(thank heavens for the second trimester of pregnancy) and am also getting a little bit of a social filter back. I never knew how much I really thought but did not say to my students in the past, but now I am realizing just how much self control I really have had over the years. It takes a lot of self control to love these kiddos!

We have been continuing puppy training for Reno here at the Ficklin home. This has taken a little bit of convincing of one of the Ficklins because let's just say one of us is a little bit more bugged by the constant barking than the other person. Well, bark collars have been brought up lots the past few months and finally we came upon an agreement to try said collar. We are getting better about putting the collar on EVERY time we take Reno outside and Reno is getting pretty good about not barking at people or dogs outside. He was adorable with three other Yorkies the other day. I wish I had some pics because it was priceless. Don't tell anybody, especially my husband, but I think Reno is growing on me.

This week we will know if we are having a boy or girl alien. I mean baby. It still feels like I am having an alien and a little bit unreal. I have been feeling movements the past few weeks and it is way cool. I also heard the heartbeat again at my appointment this last week and I was weepy. It has to be all the hormones, right? We are way excited to finally see him or her, even though I still always call this baby a her or she. Will I be disappointed if it is actually a he? Probably not. We just will have to get crackin' on names because we have only agreed on two names so far and they are girl names. We are very good at vetoing each other. Even today, Reuben brought up a name and I vetoed it because I have a student that name and she is a crazy.

Well, spring break is the week after this week. I am incredibly excited. On Saturday, Reuben and I have tickets to a pro baseball game that will be played at the minor league field in Salt Lake between the Seattle Mariners and the Colorado Rockies. That will be a great treat. Then right after that I will be leaving(or as Reuben says "abandoning him") with a friend to head to California for spring break. I cannot tell you how excited I am to get out of dodge and have some down time on the BEACH. Oh thank heavens for friends with beach houses. It is going to be wonderful and is very needed. I will probably have to plan an excursion with Reub because me being gone is hard on him!

So, there is your update and a bit of things to look forward to. Look for a special pink or blue post on Wednesday. And be sure to make your guesses via comments on this post. What fun this is!

The sunsets lately have been gorgeous.

The weather was a tease for a few weeks(we had snow yesterday) so I have been on many walks. This is from a walk to Utah Lake this past week.

Reuben and I went to an exhibit at a museum in Salt Lake last night. This was a cool sculpture. The exhibit was about mummies and it was way cool. It was nice to get out of Provo for a bit.


Turning 36 isn't too Bad.

Well, it happened. My birthday has come and gone. Seems to be coming and going pretty quickly these days. The years are flying by. I guess it does that as you get older.

I actually worked on my birthday. I guess there is a first time for everything. I haven't worked on my birthday in ten years! Crazy huh? I bet you are wondering why I didn't take off this year. Well, let's just say that Fridays are crazy at work and I don't want to put that chaos on any sub. So, I worked. It wasn't bad and I actually had fun so it all worked out.

We met The Bills for burgers at Red Robin and then had people over to the finished new place for cake. It was fun.

Red Robin fun!

The amazing cake Reuben bought!

People singing. Grandma Bills never appreciates Bills family tradition of out of tune and as a round singing.

Friend Aiden really knows how to party!

The cake party at the new place.

Here are some pics of the finished product:

It's a nice place. You should come visit sometime. Cheers!


Greetings from the Couch

Well, I'm on the couch again. It's what I do lately.

I did get myself off the couch to go watch my school's boys' basketball team win state in their division on Saturday.

It was fun. The game was a nail biter and intense.

I also organized the cords for all our tv stuff and unpacked the movies. Aren't the shelves Reuben made cool? We are pretty much close to being done with the unpacking!

Also, dinner at the Bills was yummy on Sunday. Even if it was soggy bread, Morgan! :)

That's all you get from the couch today!


Welcome to March!

Well, we made it to March, the longest month of any school teacher's life. The month has 31 days, and a total of five whole weeks. You are tired of winter, and the kids are also tired of winter. Your social filter is much weaker than it was in August, and you can only get yourself out of bed because you can say you are one day closer to Spring Break. March is hard.

I know that those of you that are teachers, or have ever been one, totally understand that last paragraph. Then, there are some of you that just can't sympathize because you don't know what it is like and then there are others who are a little bit clueless who say things like: "Teachers have an easy job because they only work 9 months a year, and only work from 8-3." To those peeps, I just roll my eyes and say "You'll never get it and it isn't worth my time explaining. I have lessons to plan and papers to grade."

Okay, all serious teacher talk aside, I really do love my job.

What isn't to love?

The creativity? The silly off-task behavior?

This is the only picture I have taken this week. Apparently, I need to get a life.

But all I want to do after I get home from work is to lay on the couch and stare at the TV. It's hard work developing a human!

Some women have told me that the second trimester of pregnancy is awesome because you feel better and have more energy. Sure, I don't feel like vomiting 24/7, but I'm still waiting for the whole energy rush. Anytime I am not moving, my body wants to be sleeping. Good thing there is lots of hand movement while writing a blog post.

I am going to try and write more often this month. Most of February was spent on the couch starring. Hopefully, March will be filled with adventure. Who knows? Maybe the first pictures of bebecita(this is a gender neutral term, even though I really think it is a "she," thus the feminine "a"at the end.) will be posted by the end of the month. My next appointment is on the 19th and we should be scheduling the ultrasound that day, I am guessing. Technically, for 50 bucks we could have one now, but to be honest, I am not in a hurry. It's kinda fun having the mystery. And I am thinking 50 dollars could buy a few meals on spring break!!! So, we wait.

I'll post a baby bump pic soon. It seems to be biggest right after a meal so I'll be sure to catch it then!

So, until the muse(or energy) to write hits again, have a great day(or great days if it is longer!!!)