Welcome to March!

Well, we made it to March, the longest month of any school teacher's life. The month has 31 days, and a total of five whole weeks. You are tired of winter, and the kids are also tired of winter. Your social filter is much weaker than it was in August, and you can only get yourself out of bed because you can say you are one day closer to Spring Break. March is hard.

I know that those of you that are teachers, or have ever been one, totally understand that last paragraph. Then, there are some of you that just can't sympathize because you don't know what it is like and then there are others who are a little bit clueless who say things like: "Teachers have an easy job because they only work 9 months a year, and only work from 8-3." To those peeps, I just roll my eyes and say "You'll never get it and it isn't worth my time explaining. I have lessons to plan and papers to grade."

Okay, all serious teacher talk aside, I really do love my job.

What isn't to love?

The creativity? The silly off-task behavior?

This is the only picture I have taken this week. Apparently, I need to get a life.

But all I want to do after I get home from work is to lay on the couch and stare at the TV. It's hard work developing a human!

Some women have told me that the second trimester of pregnancy is awesome because you feel better and have more energy. Sure, I don't feel like vomiting 24/7, but I'm still waiting for the whole energy rush. Anytime I am not moving, my body wants to be sleeping. Good thing there is lots of hand movement while writing a blog post.

I am going to try and write more often this month. Most of February was spent on the couch starring. Hopefully, March will be filled with adventure. Who knows? Maybe the first pictures of bebecita(this is a gender neutral term, even though I really think it is a "she," thus the feminine "a"at the end.) will be posted by the end of the month. My next appointment is on the 19th and we should be scheduling the ultrasound that day, I am guessing. Technically, for 50 bucks we could have one now, but to be honest, I am not in a hurry. It's kinda fun having the mystery. And I am thinking 50 dollars could buy a few meals on spring break!!! So, we wait.

I'll post a baby bump pic soon. It seems to be biggest right after a meal so I'll be sure to catch it then!

So, until the muse(or energy) to write hits again, have a great day(or great days if it is longer!!!)



Elizabeth Peterson said...

I have never been a school teacher but I can understand how the month of March could be long and hard. I do teach dance so I get it when you say it is not just a 9-5 or 8-3 job. Preparation is everything!

You asre just coming off the first trimester so maybe that energy will hit you soon. I hope it does cause it sounds like you need lots of energy to get through the grand month of March!

The Hunsakers said...

Wow! I have gotten a little behind on reading your blog. Congratulations on the baby! I'm so excited for you. You are so amazing and so much good has come into your life this past year. You deserve every bit of it. So happy for you.