Spring Break Part One

So? What do you do while you stay at a house that is about 50 yards from the beach?

You go for a walk along the beach.

And then you find a place to sit and read a book.

But you actually never take the book out to read.

And you eat a ton of food. Both inside the house and out by your bonfire.

Or at your favorite bakery.

Then you take a day trip an hour away to San Francisco.

And harass sea lions.

Then eat a big burger.

Then ride cable cars and go to the cable car museum.

Then you go to Chinatown to buy fortune cookies, sesame cookies and t-shirts(because none of yours fit currently).

Then you go to see the world's most crooked street, Lombard Street.

Then you drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and take your picture on the other side.

Then you go to Muir Woods to feel small among the giant redwoods.

Then you sleep and take the next day to recoup because even just walking to the bathroom is much too far!!!

Then you will go to a baseball game this afternoon.


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