Where Does The Time Go?

Time has flown since I was on that beach in California. We have been back at work for over a week. This time of year at work always seems to fly. I keep telling those seniors that the 43 days until graduation is going to fly. And it will.

Life is good. This past weekend was all about celebrating with the second family. All of the Bills kids were in town for going to the temple as Josh went through for his first time. We celebrated his birthday on Friday night then Saturday we went to the temple, had lunch at Red Robin and then went to Sarah's youngest kid's(Dani) baptism. It was a very filled weekend and we are still recovering.

Josh's cake. Morgan striking the match on her zipper. Silly.

Dani and my sunglasses. That girl is so fun.

Blurry Red Robin.

All the Bills.

Miri and Grandma Bills. They are kindred spirits.

Grandpa Bills and Zach playing frisbee.

Reuben and I hit the driving range and mini golf last week.

And here is the baseball game I wrote about in the last post. It rocked. So did 47, the movie about Jackie Robinson. Go see it. We loved it last night.

And here is a bonus baby bump picture. That little guy is having fun sleeping on my bladder like a waterbed and kicking away every few hours. I like him already. Hopefully, one day, we will find a name for him besides Frank the Fetus.



Morgan Hagey said...

Please note: the match would not light in my zipper. Very disappointing.

The Wolford Family said...

I vote for Frank the Fetus!!!!

Elizabeth Peterson said...

You look so good for a pregnant lady! I think Frank the Fetus is a cute name ;O)