And here's summer...

Well, I made it. The week went fast and I am glad. Overall, it was fun. I am way tired though and in a time warp. When I got home from work tonight, I had to take an hour nap to be able to go to dinner with Reuben.

Graduation came and went quickly!!!

Three faves. All were in PE this term.

Three more faves. The two on the right were favorite weight lifters this semester.

These three spoke and were all my connections kids the past three years!!!

The speakers. These kids are resilient and amazing. Most of them mentioned me in their speeches. That was an honor and tear jerker.

I loved graduation. It really is the icing on the cake for the year!! I am so proud of these guys and their accomplishments. They truly rose above their issues. This truly is the best day of the school year!!!

Not a whole lot else. Gotta pack in the morning for the trek to Wisconsin. It will be a fun time. I think Reuben will miss me a lot and I am glad he lets me do these things. He is a great man!!!

Here is the Reuben quote of the week:
Alice: "I got an isle seat because I will have to walk around as well as pee every 30 minutes."
Reuben: "Yeah, I am pretty regular with that too. I pee almost everyday!!!"



Morgan Hagey said...

That Reuben quote made me laugh. And your row-mates will thank you for being on the outside. ;)

Graduation looks like a good time! I'm glad you're all done for now though.

Elizabeth Peterson said...

Oh my gosh, I pee every day also! That is a crazy coincidence! :o)

Have a safe and fun trip to WI