Well, last time I posted, I was hoping for Friday to come. Well, we have made it past that silly friday. We only have three crazy days left at school. They are actually activity days, so we are going to survive. Tuesday is graduation and I am very excited for it. Really, it is the day I wait all year to come. It is the day that is the cherry on top of my Sundae because, in reality, this is why I get up everyday. I get up to inspire kids to succeed and get their acts together in order to meet the expectations of my classes so they can get the credit to one day walk across that stage. It really is a great day.

Three of my Seniors from my Connections class are speaking at graduation. I just know that my name will be mentioned in at least one of these speeches(a fellow teacher proof read said talk). I will be balling during that speech and I am so proud of this young lady and the things she has endured and conquered to get to where she is today. I cannoot wait for Tuesday evening.

This wonderful three day weekend has been relaxing. Yesterday, I didn't do a whole lot. I did get a walk in with the dog and Reuben and I had dinner out and went fishing on the Provo River.

Reuben says I am just lucky for catching this Brown Trout:

I say it was pure skill. He caught a Rainbow Trout last week, so I was due!

It was really nice to be out on the river and listening to the birds and enjoying the pre-dusk light.

I am not as sentimental about the end of the year as I usually am. I think being pregnant makes me be much more self-involved and really just more done with the whole deal. The kids have been pretty rambunctious and I have no patience. The last week of class was good though and I probably, at one point, will miss some of those buggers.

Tomorrow we will head up to Ogden to bask in the Cajun fun of the Ficklin Family gathering(Jambalaya included). Happy Memorial Day to you all. Remember the purpose isn't just the BBQ. There are so many who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms in this country. It is their day. Remember those who have paved the way before!


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