July flies by!

Hi all. Still hanging in over here. The dog days of summer make me want to just sit on my couch and enjoy the cool created by my new air conditioner. Maybe part of this laziness is tied to being pretty ripe and pregnant. That's probably it.
Reno doesn't like when I take him for walks in the hot. It's truly dog days if summer because he just plops down and refuses to go any further. This even happens when about 100 yards from home:

Silly mutt!!!
The highlight of the past few weeks is having Liz, Reuben's sister, and her son, Cade visiting from Arizona.
We do a whole lot of fishing and have been again impressed by Liz's amazing catching abilities. We have ventured to Strawberry Reservoir near Heber, Utah and have tried our luck on the Provo River.

Reuben had some luck at Strawberry after Liz lead the way. Two tasty Rainbow Trouts were enjoyed at dinner.

Cade was kept busy by being the Crayfish King. He caught enough for Reub to make some tasty étouffée.

There is uncle and nephew at the Reservoir.

And the étouffée.

Liz caught an amazing catfish on the Provo and Reub helped land it.

Liz hates having her pic taken so she always makes Cade display her goods!!! It makes me smile.
Last night I spent some fun time with a few of the Bills girls (Erin/Sarah) and Kari. Sarah was the only brave enough one of us to participate in karaoke. It was nice to spend time with them all!!

In other news, the past few weeks have been a little stressful. Baby Ficklin has decided that head down position is much too trendy for him and is transverse breech(he's laying sideways). He is as stubborn as his mother and even with some fun positions and chiropractic attempts, still remains sideways. It has been an emotional roller coaster for me because I am stubborn and have always dreamed of having a natural birth. I find myself tough and also think this is the best for me and the baby. Anyway, you really can't do this with a sideways baby so if he still hasn't flipped into position before my appointment with the midwife on Monday morning, we will probably schedule a C-Section. It isn't my ideal but as I have pondered and prayed, I realize getting this baby here safely is the most important thing. The comfort that has come from those prayers is truly a tender mercy. I am very blessed to be comforted by my Heavenly Father in all aspects of my life.
Life truly is good!!!
I'll keep ya posted on the arrival of Baby Ficklin, who does have a real name now but it will remain secret until the big day!!! All of you can make guesses in the comments. You can also predict the birth day, if you want too. Maybe if you are the winner, you can name him a different name if you don't like it(just kidding) or at least get a chance to change his diaper or hold him!!! ;)


Who knew I Would Be A Bad Blogger This Summer

Time flies and I often wonder what the heck has kept me so busy that i can't even blog lately. I think a lot of it has to do with my laziness. I would much rather sit around reading than doing much of anything else these days. Crazy, no? I will blame this, along with everything else, on my pregnant state. It makes one lazy and crazy.

Life has been fun lately. From 4th of July celebrations to family weddings, we have been kept busy. Reuben has been to Scout camp and will go again at the end of this week. He also went fishing Saturday with a friend from church. I like the he is getting a little more social these days. The weird thing is that I never thought I would be lonely when he leaves. See, I was alone a lot when I was single and it never bothered me. I was perfectly content being all by myself. Now, when he leaves, I do get a little lonely. What is up with that? P.S. I would never tell him that! I want him to go and do. It is good for him and then I can go and do sometimes too!!!

Here are some pictures because I don't have a whole lot of words today:

This is at a ward breakfast on the 4th for Reuben's parent' ward. We bought Dad this shirt for Father's Day and he had saved it for this occasion. He really is funny and awesome!

Speaking of cool t-shirts here is me in my "Hands off the Baby Bump" shirt. I am getting pretty large, aren't I? We are in the last month before Baby Ficklin arrives. That is crazy.

Here's another t-shirt favorite. The "Professional Watermellon Smuggler" shirt.

Here are a few pics from the Stadium of Fire that Reub and I went to on the 4th. It is said to be one of the biggest stadium shows for the 4th. Kelly Clarkson was the headliner, so it was a given that I would want to go. She sure does so good live. I had a blast.

Cool dancer number

Kelly is somewhere in the blur of the stage. One day I will be up close to the stage, but binoculars did a good trick!

The fireworks were awesome. Hopefully, they didn't do too much emotional damage to Baby Ficklin. I tried to cover his ears, I just didn't know where they were!

Reuben and I attended his cousin's wedding in Ogden last Friday. We had to take advantage of being so close to the amazing breadsticks that our friend's, Morgan and Derek, introduced us to long ago. They are so yummy. Note to self: Always order two orders.

Try this place, if ever in Layton, Utah.

Reuben brought home Crayfish from his fishing expedition. It is weird to meet your food before you eat it, at least that is what I think.

I enjoyed the corn and potatoes. I couldn't get myself to try to crayfish. I will for the next crayfish boil for sure!!

Well, that is all I have this Monday morning. What has happened to all my commenters? What are you all up to this wonderful July week? What fun patriotic things did you do for the 4th. I need some social outlet here peeps!!! No pressure though and have a great day. Cheers.