10 Things About Ellis

Well, time is flying (Bugaboo will be 4 weeks on Friday) and we have gone from this baby in the hospital:

To this baby at home:

He seems to change every day and this week has started to get more alert and show a bit of his personality. Here are ten quick(he is sleeping but that could change quickly)things you should know about Ellis:

1. He is named after is Great Grandpa on Reuben's side, Ellis(who I share a birthday with), and after his grandpa, my dad, Daniel.

2. He hates being cold. Diaper changes and clothing changes are not his favorite.

3. He has a bazillion nicknames: Grumpy McGrumperson, Mr. E, Bugaboo, Bugs, Toad, Squirt, Little Man, and a few more I can't remember at this moment.

4. He is in control. I think I know what I'm doing and then he changes the game.

5. He lets you know when he is angry. He starts with grunts or little noises, then cries, and when he is really mad, he snorts. The snort is the cutest thing and I have to stop myself from letting him cry too much sometimes, just to hear it.

6. He is adored by his family. The Ficklins will often be caught gathered around his carseat just loving on him and my sister and mother need daily Facebook pictures or I am in trouble.

7. He likes the car after the transition to his transporter(carseat) is over.

8. He loves baths and his dad is awesome at giving him baths.

9. He must be rocked to sleep before putting him down. And if you think you have done it long enough, go five more minutes.

10. He laughs and smiles while falling asleep. It is the cutest thing ever and it makes rocking him five more minutes very worth it!!!

Maybe one day I will post about motherhood and what I have learned. But in the meantime, I must go check on the wee one and watch some Sportscenter. I actually was able to eat breakfast and shower this morning during his micro nap! Yea Ellis!!!!


Elizabeth Peterson said...

He is such a cutie, I am so happy for you! Much love being sent your way!!!

Camille said...

I love it! What a cutie. The kid isn't bad either. ;) Look how alert and watchful he look in the transporter picture! That is your smart kid just soaking it all in. He's wonderful, Alice.