Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday is also Throwback Thursday.

Today will be Throwback Thursday.  Here are a few of pictures of me from the past Halloweens.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Don't judge.  I know it's pagan and has lots of evil connotation for parts of it, but the little kid, candy, and dress up parts are awesome!  Enjoy!

 I miss Halloween with the Hagey boys.  Here is Awesome Alice and Batman.
 The kiddos at the door.  I am a little excited for Ellis to be bigger!
 Here is me and pal, Alisha at the Pumpkin walk a few years back.
 It was homecoming that year and this is Brett in the homecoming parade.  He is a Logan favorite and waves at everybody he sees.  I love this guy and we actually saw him last weekend when we got to Logan.
 The boys and Josh.  I miss all these guys.
 Me and Julianne and Sean at the Pumpkin Walk two years ago.
 Me as Sue from Glee
 Me as an awesome Zombie last year during the Zombie Run.

 Last year with all the superhero girls from the Bills Clan.  Below is Me and Miri and Reub.

 Batman and Robin last year.

Me as The Statue of Liberty awhile back.
 And here is our little family this year.  Me and Reub at the Pumpkin Walk this year and this was Mr. E today!  Hope your Halloween was awesome.  Cheers!


Wacky Wednesday.

This is now Wacky or Wicked Wednesday...

I love my job. I get to play sports sometimes. It does get pretty wacky when I fall though. This is the security video from the gym at school. Think this is America's Funniest Videos material? It was sweet that two of the kiddos helped me get up!!! It makes the job more rewarding.

Another wacky thing from the last week is a friend who can't eat at this amazing Mexican restaurant, Milegros. Apparently, it sounds too much like mullato. I didn't know restaurant names effected the taste of the food! Wacky!!!


Ticked off Tuesday...

Ticked off Tuesday can also be True Confession Tuesday.  I still am very excited that I am the boss of this blog!

The thing that ticks me off most this week is teen pregnancy. Seriously, don't they get how much work a baby is? Do they not know that babies are expensive? Don't these girls realize that having a stable home and a dad around is better for the wee one? Don't they  realize that raising a baby with a man who will help is priceless and with the man you love is amazing?

Nope. They don't think and that is the problem. They don't think it will happen to them. 

I also don't like when people can't drive a  round about and when the students at my school can't be on time to class(hello it's a tiny school!!).  Oh and when people are there to help but really don't know what they are talking about.  Customer service is important and it is frustrating when somebody isn't good at it.

That's it. Cheers.  


Mommy Monday

This little guy has changed everything.

He is what drives my life. It used to be things like work and sports but now nothing really is as important. 

It is so easy to leave work right when my contract time is over. I used to waste a lot of my time at work but now I use my prep wisely and often even work during lunch. Crazy. 

I am learning so much from being his mother and Mondays will be a great place to share those things. 

For now though, I will say, I don't remember life before him and I can't imagine not having him. He has made my life so much better. And I love him so much. It really isn't hard. Just look at that face:
Ellis makes life better. The end for today. 


Spiritual Sunday

Sometimes life gives you a slap in the face. Well, seeing it is Spiritual Sunday, and I am very much a Christian and believe in God, let's say sometimes God gives you a slap in the face. It's sometimes needed as a parent to actually slap kids in the face. Okay, maybe that isn't the right thing to say but from experience, it only took one slap to realize I was out of line when I had said something disrespectful about my parent, just sayin'!

Anyway, I have been struggling at work. My passion has been missing. I had turned into one of those dreaded people who just show up for a paycheck. I wasn't loving the kids and I was starting to not care enough to do the best job. I was also judging people I work with and the kids I serve. I was not loving them like I should. 

Many times when I start feeling drained , I realize I haven't been giving my spirituality enough attention. So one day, while spending time in my office during my prep hour, I pulled out my little copy of The Book of Mormon(if you haven't had a chance to read this book or don't know about it, you can find more here). I flipped open to Alma chapter five and came across verse 28: "Behold, are ye stripped of pride? I say unto you, if ye are not ye are not prepared to meet God. Behold ye must prepare quickly; for the kingdom of heaven is soon at hand, and such an one hath not eternal life."

Yep, I felt it, I was becoming full of pride again. I had started to find myself most important and I had actually started to voice it to other people. I had started to be sarcastic towards students and was talking about co-workers in a prideful way. In a couple of verses later in Alma 5 it reads: "And again I say unto you, is there one among you that doth make a mock of his brother, or that heapeth upon him persecutions?"  I was guilty of exactly this.

So, that one small moment changed the whole week.  I decided that I couldn't live at this part of the pride cycle anymore and I decided to make a change.  The week went better from there on.  I guess sometimes we just need a kick in the face and things go better.  Also, sometimes just a small change can make all the difference.


Stupendious Saturday

Life is good, don't you think?  Sure, things can and do go wrong sometimes, but I really do feel that if we maintain(and it really does take work) a positive attitude and are always grateful, life is good and we can get much enjoyment out of even the little daily things of life.
Here is my list of thanks for the week(and I am sure I will miss things!):
1.  Ellis.  Seriously, he is so dang cute and funny.  He still thinks tongue sticking out is hilarious.  He also finds his dad's silly voice funny and is very ticklish under his chin.
2.  Reuben.  I really married well.  He takes care of Ellis and I so very well.  There were delicious meals, laundry done, dishes washed, and ice cream brought home one night this week.  He is always working hard and caring about us.  He was definitely worth the wait.
3. My students.  Sure, they may make me very angry at times, but they also make life rewarding when they get things.  A former student came to visit yesterday to annoucnce that she finally got her GED. Wonderful!
4.  The fall colors.  This is my favorite time of year.  I love my drive to work where I drive down a hill that overlooks the valley and all the treetops.  It is so pretty.  The light of fall is also amazing right now.  The angle of the sun at dusk just makes the colors pop.  Love it.
5.  Things to look forward to.  This week I have been looking forward to The Pumpkin Walk in Logan.  We will head there tomorrow morning.  I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.
6. Carving pumpkins with Reuben. He is so creative. Great family activity.
7. The peace of my office. It is a refuge.
8. Our volleyball team winning its first match. It was very cool, especially because it is in the tournament.
9. Secret Spook. We do this every Halloween at work. Basically, you draw a co-worker's name from a hat and then the four days before Halloween and Halloween, you "spook" your person. It can be as simple as dollar store stuff but it is a load of fun to bring presents secretly and to get secret presents everyday.
10. Baseball. Right now the World Series is going on. Even though my Dodgers didn't make it, I live that there are games on every other night. I'm cheering for the Red Sox because the silly Cardinals beat my Dodgers.
11. Football. It's also fun to watch all the games both college and pro. Ellis and I watch sports lots. I hope it is not making his brain mush.


Fitness Friday

Happy Weekend to you.  I sometimes find myself living for Fridays.  This week has been one such week.  My students have been cray cray.  Actually, the week went really fast.  I think Monday and Tuesday were really the only days that I said to a co-worker: "Is it Friday, yet?" Funny how a change in attitude can make things better.  I tried to be a bit more positive on Wednesday and Thursday.
Today, I will thrill your brain with the concept of "Eat Less, Move More!"  Did you know that when you eat less calories and move more that you actually lose weight?  Also, did you know that when you eat more and move less that you gain weight? (And if you eat the same amount of calories that you are burning that you maintain weight?)
Sure, genetics are a part of our body make up.  Notice that I said A PART!!  Many people blame their genetics for every single health problem they have(Diabetes runs in my family, heart disease runs in my family, etc. All diet related diseases and preventable in MOST cases!)  I actually am guilty of this too.  I used to tell myself that I had high blood pressure because it "ran in my family."  Sure, it does run in my family.  My mom and many of her sisters have blood pressure issues.  I would also say: "Well, I am big boned and that is because I am a Wisconsin German bred girl!" So yes, things often run in our family lines but I really don't think they are necesarrily genetics.  I was also about eighty pounds overweight at one time.  This was caused by my food choices and inactivity.  I know this because I changed those habits and guess what?  I lost weight.  It's amazing how the balance of calories in and calories out actually is scientific fact.  And really what we CHOOSE to eat and how we CHOOSE to move makes a difference.
This video is hilarious and reminds me of how ridiculous my thinking about food and exercise used to be.  I think America in general has a problem with this concept.  We really want things to be easy.  We want to stay at a healthy weight by doing literally nothing and by eating whatever we want.  I can't deny it, chocolate tastes better than carrots.
What this battle boils down to is the battle of mind over matter, or a battle against the carnal or natural man.  There is always a battle between right and wrong and really gluttony is not spiritually good.  Learning to control our physical bodies and to keep them healthy is actually a commandment.  Now, don't get all offended by what I am saying.  This is what I believe only and I do not judge you because of this.  I know it is hard to not eat ice cream everyday and especially when I am tired or emotionally charged.  Yes, it is hard because it is meant to be.  Everything that is worthwhile is supposed to be a sacrifice.  And I will be honest, skinny is worth the sacrifice.  I will be starting to sacrifice in the next few weeks.  Something has to be done about the 40 pounds I gained while pregnant.  Stay tuned for my progress.


Thirsty Thursday

So, welcome to Thirsty Thursday.  Thursdays are where I will write about things that I thirst after.  The quote "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled" from Matthew 5:6, in the Bible, comes to mind.  And yes, I do thirst after righteous things even if I am not 100% perfect at being righteous all the time.

I also thirst for other things.  I really want to be a published writer, for example.  Lately, I am so busy and distracted by motherhood(which is totally not a bad thing!!!) that I don't even brush my teeth on some days, so writing has been a little on the back burner.  I think having a daily theme on here will make me be better at writing though.  I also am going to admit that I am writing this on Friday morning and missed Thirsty Thursday all together.  But that is okay. I will post date this and you will never even know that I didn't make it...oh wait!

Stay tuned for more things that I thirst after.  I may also make Thursdays,  Thirsty Throwback Thursday.  That way, I can reminisce about the past sometimes too and it still fits my theme.  I like that I am the boss of my blog!



I think I need daily themes to get me to write little snidbits on here. (I love to write and was just thinking the other day that if I could get published and make a million dollars I would not have to deal with stressful hooligans.  And I need to write more, even if my kiddo takes up the majority of my free time.) I may not write everyday, but I will do a bit better at getting a post on here more regularly.

Here is the outline of daily themes:
M-Mommy stuff(This is the one that people suggested most from comments)
T-Ticked Off Tuesday.  This week's Rant.
Wacky Wednesday.  Wacky things that have happened this week.
Th-Thirsty Thursday.  What things do you thirst after?
Fitness Friday.  All things Fitness
Stupendious Saturday.  All things Positive.
Spiritual Sunday-Spiritual insights from yours truly.

From these themes do you have any specifics that you would like to hear from me about?
And these themes are obviously subject to change because I am the boss of this blog.

You are all peachy.  Stay tuned for a Thirsty Thursday post.



What should I write about?

I am in a rut. Lack of time is making tough to write, but I think if I had a daily theme, I'd write regularly.

So, what types of themes would you like to read about?


While the baby sleeps...

Life has been crazy busy. I am crazy tired these days too. Not getting solid sleep wears on one's memory. I forget most things these days. He's worth it though.

Right now we are counting down the days and hours until Grandma Sue and Auntie Andi come to visit. It is in less than a week!!!

Ellis is growing like a weed. I weighed him today and he is over 12 pounds now. Crazy. He is smiling and now tries to communicate through grunts and cooing. He is definitely one of my favorites.

I still find myself just starring at him. He's just so dang cute.

Being back at work is interesting. I love students but just have less patience and less of a social filter. I think my sympathy for them isn't much these days. I do still love my job. It just isn't my number one worry these days!!!

It's hard to keep up with everything and get home early to get Reuben to work. But it's worth it. Our little family is so important.

Well. That's all I got for now. My brain is numb. Here are a few pics of the wee one:

In his swing. He loves that swing for daddy.

Sometimes he's just so cute when he cries. That snort still gets me. His cry is changing too.

He has some funky hair after bath time.

I love his owl hat.

We like to watch football on Saturdays. And baseball too.