Fitness Friday

Happy Weekend to you.  I sometimes find myself living for Fridays.  This week has been one such week.  My students have been cray cray.  Actually, the week went really fast.  I think Monday and Tuesday were really the only days that I said to a co-worker: "Is it Friday, yet?" Funny how a change in attitude can make things better.  I tried to be a bit more positive on Wednesday and Thursday.
Today, I will thrill your brain with the concept of "Eat Less, Move More!"  Did you know that when you eat less calories and move more that you actually lose weight?  Also, did you know that when you eat more and move less that you gain weight? (And if you eat the same amount of calories that you are burning that you maintain weight?)
Sure, genetics are a part of our body make up.  Notice that I said A PART!!  Many people blame their genetics for every single health problem they have(Diabetes runs in my family, heart disease runs in my family, etc. All diet related diseases and preventable in MOST cases!)  I actually am guilty of this too.  I used to tell myself that I had high blood pressure because it "ran in my family."  Sure, it does run in my family.  My mom and many of her sisters have blood pressure issues.  I would also say: "Well, I am big boned and that is because I am a Wisconsin German bred girl!" So yes, things often run in our family lines but I really don't think they are necesarrily genetics.  I was also about eighty pounds overweight at one time.  This was caused by my food choices and inactivity.  I know this because I changed those habits and guess what?  I lost weight.  It's amazing how the balance of calories in and calories out actually is scientific fact.  And really what we CHOOSE to eat and how we CHOOSE to move makes a difference.
This video is hilarious and reminds me of how ridiculous my thinking about food and exercise used to be.  I think America in general has a problem with this concept.  We really want things to be easy.  We want to stay at a healthy weight by doing literally nothing and by eating whatever we want.  I can't deny it, chocolate tastes better than carrots.
What this battle boils down to is the battle of mind over matter, or a battle against the carnal or natural man.  There is always a battle between right and wrong and really gluttony is not spiritually good.  Learning to control our physical bodies and to keep them healthy is actually a commandment.  Now, don't get all offended by what I am saying.  This is what I believe only and I do not judge you because of this.  I know it is hard to not eat ice cream everyday and especially when I am tired or emotionally charged.  Yes, it is hard because it is meant to be.  Everything that is worthwhile is supposed to be a sacrifice.  And I will be honest, skinny is worth the sacrifice.  I will be starting to sacrifice in the next few weeks.  Something has to be done about the 40 pounds I gained while pregnant.  Stay tuned for my progress.

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

What s not fun is being the girl who could eat whatever she wanted and not worry about weight and then all of a sudden having to start worrying about it. Hard to change bad habits.