Mommy Monday

This little guy has changed everything.

He is what drives my life. It used to be things like work and sports but now nothing really is as important. 

It is so easy to leave work right when my contract time is over. I used to waste a lot of my time at work but now I use my prep wisely and often even work during lunch. Crazy. 

I am learning so much from being his mother and Mondays will be a great place to share those things. 

For now though, I will say, I don't remember life before him and I can't imagine not having him. He has made my life so much better. And I love him so much. It really isn't hard. Just look at that face:
Ellis makes life better. The end for today. 

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

he has the most kissable looking face. What a little doll! I am glad you are using your time wisely so you can spend all your free time with him.