Stupendious Saturday

Life is good, don't you think?  Sure, things can and do go wrong sometimes, but I really do feel that if we maintain(and it really does take work) a positive attitude and are always grateful, life is good and we can get much enjoyment out of even the little daily things of life.
Here is my list of thanks for the week(and I am sure I will miss things!):
1.  Ellis.  Seriously, he is so dang cute and funny.  He still thinks tongue sticking out is hilarious.  He also finds his dad's silly voice funny and is very ticklish under his chin.
2.  Reuben.  I really married well.  He takes care of Ellis and I so very well.  There were delicious meals, laundry done, dishes washed, and ice cream brought home one night this week.  He is always working hard and caring about us.  He was definitely worth the wait.
3. My students.  Sure, they may make me very angry at times, but they also make life rewarding when they get things.  A former student came to visit yesterday to annoucnce that she finally got her GED. Wonderful!
4.  The fall colors.  This is my favorite time of year.  I love my drive to work where I drive down a hill that overlooks the valley and all the treetops.  It is so pretty.  The light of fall is also amazing right now.  The angle of the sun at dusk just makes the colors pop.  Love it.
5.  Things to look forward to.  This week I have been looking forward to The Pumpkin Walk in Logan.  We will head there tomorrow morning.  I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.
6. Carving pumpkins with Reuben. He is so creative. Great family activity.
7. The peace of my office. It is a refuge.
8. Our volleyball team winning its first match. It was very cool, especially because it is in the tournament.
9. Secret Spook. We do this every Halloween at work. Basically, you draw a co-worker's name from a hat and then the four days before Halloween and Halloween, you "spook" your person. It can be as simple as dollar store stuff but it is a load of fun to bring presents secretly and to get secret presents everyday.
10. Baseball. Right now the World Series is going on. Even though my Dodgers didn't make it, I live that there are games on every other night. I'm cheering for the Red Sox because the silly Cardinals beat my Dodgers.
11. Football. It's also fun to watch all the games both college and pro. Ellis and I watch sports lots. I hope it is not making his brain mush.

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