Fit Friday

I ran again today.  That is three times the past two weeks.  This is progress people.  Progress.

As I was on my run today, I thought I would make today all about how to deal with the holidays.

Now, as a wise woman has said to me over and over, "it is a holiDAY, not a holiWEEK, or holiMONTH."  True right?

I tracked my food Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Then Thursday hit.  I decided to enjoy the holiday.  I did not write down a single bite.  Then today came and bam, I wrote down everything.  (Except for that popcorn that hit me in the last hour or so.)  Thanksgiving was a holiDAY!!! Yipee!

I also exercised on Wednesday and then took the holiday off and today I was out running.  It was so nice to actually run outside.  I think it was the second time in this neighborhood.  It wasn't too cold and that is nice.  I think next week that is supposed to change around these parts so I am glad to have taken advantage of good weather today.

Here are some more tips to get through a holiday.

1.  Pack gum-I didn't chew it until later on in the day, but in the past it has saved me.  You will not eat things with gum in your mouth.  Sure, you can spit it out, but then you have one more step to go through before caving.

2.  Eat fruit/veggies.  They are always at the party.  They will fill you up and are good for you. (I made my plate yesterday about halfway filled with fruits and veggies.

3.  Use a small plate.  It seems like it is a lot of food and big plates give you too much food.

4.  Drink lots of water.  Again, it fills you.

5.  Make room for the things you love.  For me, it is pie.  I had pie yesterday and it was awesome.  I ate less turkey and potatoes so I could eat the pie.

6.  Let it be a day event.  HoliDAY!!!

Well, there will be fun answers to some of your questions in the future.  I just found this topic to be fitting for this time of year.



Mommy Monday

This post is going to be all about breast feeding.  I am sure you are thrilled.  If you don't want to hear about it, just move along.

For many people, breastfeeding is awkward.  Talking about it is hard for some people.  They get uncomfortable.  In fact, my health students brought it up because one of their other teachers is talking about it as part of her Human Development unit.  I guess she used me as an example.  Anyway, they pretty much were trying to get me to be shocked or embarrassed.  Little did they know that I do not get embarrassed about this topic anymore.  I basically told them: "why be embarrassed, that is what they were made for."

See, our society likes to think that breasts are sexual.  Which they are, if you let them be.  I have always just thought of them as a piece of fat that sometimes get in the way of sports participation.  (I often tell people that God knew exactly who I was going to be and blessed me with small ones.)  Media has made it that breasts are very important to a woman's sexuality.  Men are obsessed with them.  Okay, so maybe not all of them but many are.  I find this a little bit offensive.  I hate the whole over sexualizaion of women's bodies in general so the boob discussion just gets me fired up.

Seriously, my breasts give nutrition to my baby.  And being able to breastfeed him is an amazing experience.  I often fall asleep while feeding him because it is just such a relaxing time.  He also finds comfort in it and lately it is one of the only things to get him asleep because he is teething.  I love it.

Sure, in the beginning, it was very hard.  We were rookies at it.  I think many women quit trying because they haven't mastered it, it really isn't because they can't.  Like I said, Ellis and I had a hard time learning.  I was fixated on my low milk production and was pumping when I really should have been learning how to nurse.  As soon as I got off the whole "I suck at this," we learned pretty quickly.

Now, please do not be offended if it didn't work out for you.  I also feel that many things in parenthood and mommyhood are individual.  You get to make choices.  Thank heavens that we have things like formula to assist in this.  Ellis is actually getting me about half the time and formula for the other half, which with my working and low production has to be the case. This is our journey and we do it our way.  Your journey may have been different and that is great.  Thank heavens we only have us or the wet nurse as options because I find the whole wet nurse idea a little weird.

The last bit about nursing that I want to include here is the whole nursing in public thing.  I can see both sides of the story and have my own opinion.  I really think that in the society we live in, it is hard to publicly feed your child.  If you decide to uncover, you would probably be reported to the police because of this "lewd" act.  I personally don't want to be out there in public.  I do think that I should be able to breastfeed in public without judging eyes, if I am covered though.  I seriously don't see the big deal because seeing it happen doesn't get me all excited.  I think that will be all I have about public breastfeeding.

I like how at church I actually have a room to go to feed Ellis.  I There is a special mother's room with two nice chairs, and a changing table.  I would just nurse under my cover in church but I know some people could take offense, so I don't.   The really cool thing about hanging out in one of those nice pink chairs is that you get to chat with other nursing mothers.  These women are my heroes.  Mainly because they have more than one wee one and have more experience.  One of them has seven kids and I just look up to her.  It was also nice to chat with her and know that she couldn't nurse until the last three kiddos.  See, it is hard.  The other woman I have chatted with is a working mom like me and that is a good thing to hear too because sometimes in my church you can be judged for working instead of staying home.  Believe me, if it were in the stars, I would be at home with Ellis and not working, but in order to keep benefits, I work.

And really work is not conducive to breastfeeding I only get to pump once a day. I wonder why my production is still wacky? But I am just going with the flow(no pun intended) and giving Ellis as much as I can. And that must be enough, even if I struggled for a really long time for it to be okay to supplement and feed. It is what it is.




Lots of things to be thankful for this time of year.  Wait, there are lots of things to be thankful for all year.  I am glad I am doing this once a week and remembering to be thankful not just in November, but all year long.

1.  Soup.  We have had amazing soup this week.  One was a Portuguese cabbage soup and another was a spicy squash soup.  Have I mentioned that Reuben rocks the kitchen?
2.  New clothes dryer.  I know I am truly an adult now that I am excited about things like appliances.  I was so excited to dry clothes on Wednesday.  Seriously?  Very adult-like.
3.  Running.  Man, have I missed it.
4.  Phone calls with Sue.  My mom is so cool.  She may be a little stressed this week because their big move is happening this week.
5.  Mail.  Ellis got a card and new snowsuit from Grandma Sue.  I think she likes him a bit.
6.  Testing.  Friday classes are hard for me.  They are an hour and five minutes long which feels like two days(the rest of the week, classes are only 46 minutes long).  I administered a test to my Freshmen connections class on Friday instead of the long classes and that was nice.
7.  Heat.  It has gotten chilly in these parts.  It is nice to have a furnace that works well and keeps us warm.
8.  Baby giggles.  Ellis has started to chuckle while awake this week.  He has always laughed in his sleep but he is learning to laugh in awake life.  He is also holding his neck up better and sitting with a bit of aid.  Have I mentioned how much I love that bugger?
9.  Modern Medicine.  Teething has commenced.  We love baby ibuprofen and also frozen chew toys.  Silly kid is not a binky boy anymore so these things save us at night.
10.  Winter clothes.  I sure do love my beanies.  Of course, hats are my thing.  I also like my winter coats.  They are so cozy.
11.  Little tidbits of revelation.  God is a huge presence in our lives, if we let Him in.  Being a parent has made me understand just how much God must love me because I am His child.  How miraculous.


Fitness Friday

Okay peeps.  I love exercise and fitness.  This is the reason I teach Physical Education and Health.  I am calling out for your fitness related questions.  I know you are curious about some topic.  Please comment with questions or you can email me:  softballrita@yahoo.com

I could just keep writing about my exercise and eating habits, but I am already getting tired of it.  I would find it fun to research topics for you(if I don't already have the knowledge) and write posts about your interests.  So, seriously, if you have read this post, you are now responsible to comment and ask me a fitness related question.  Don't be a slacker and think that you can just leave here without doing so.  I know who you are.  I have my tracking methods.  haha.

Life is good on my fit journey.  This week I ran for the first time in over a year.  It felt great and Ellis even enjoyed being pushed around the indoor track.  He fell asleep by lap three!  I thought I could run more and wanted to, but also felt it probably is a good idea to ease back into it because of the bum knee and having been carved out like a pumpkin three and a half months ago.  I am doing the Couch to 5k program.  You can read about it HERE if interested.

The weight loss is going.  I didn't lose as much as I had wanted to this week but I do know why....endless fries at Red Robin and pizza for faculty lunch last friday.  Today, I am limiting my going out to a sandwich and chips.  No fries.  I know, weird for this burgers on Friday girl, but for now I need to watch it.  This time of year is hard in general to lose weight, so it must be so.  Maybe a burger and fries only on payday week!

Tracking my food intake for Weight Watchers is a bit difficult for me because of not being able to track on my phone, but I am being stubborn and refusing to pay them for the three months until it is all free again.  Oh yes, I will be back at goal weight in three months.

Well, be sure to get me your fitness and nutrition questions.



Throwback Thursday. Thanksgiving 2010

I am very Thankful that Thanksgiving is so close.  Not only is it great to share a meal with wonderful people, but having a break is awesome!

 Little Spencer and I.
 Levi, who did not love this hat! He is so big now!
This rascal is in England.  Boy do I miss those silly faces and his humor.  It's awesome to have a little brother from another mother.

Crazy to look back.  I probably would never have imagined I would be in 2013 with a little wee one of my own, who will celebrate his first Thanksgiving.  Crazy indeed.


Wacky Wednesday...

I find it silly to just post to post but I kinda am doing that today.

You know what is wacky?  Teething, teething is wacky.  You are born with no teeth and then just all the sudden, bam, you get teeth causing your parents to lose sleep and you to be miserable.  It's just plain wacky.

You know what else is wacky?  Viruses.  They are pretty dang wacky.  You cannot cure a virus but your body can fight it off with time(most viruses).  That is pretty dang cool and pretty wacky random that I thought of that.

Wacky?  Me.  I am wacky.  I am even wackier without sleep.

It is also pretty Wacky that Thanksgiving is just next week and then Christmas is very close.  Wacky.



Taco Tuesday

We ate some pretty amazing tacos for dinner. They were two for two bucks. A deal.

This kid still makes me smile and one day, I will write a mommy Monday post. Why do I always miss posting on Mondays? Exhaustion per chance? Mondays are hard.


Spiritual Sunday.

Just a few thoughts from when I was sitting at church today listening to a talk. In the talk, the speaker mentioned how maple syrup was made. I keyed into this as I fondly remember my grandpa making syrup every spring, while I was growing up in Wisconsin.

It takes about 60 gallons of maple sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. Not only does it take that precious amount of sap, but it also takes extreme heat.

This can be compared to us. We have a goal to be the best person we can be by the time we leave the world behind and go into eternity. We have "60 gallons" worth of tests and trials. While in those trials, we get to prove ourselves in the midst of pain, heartache, anger, etc. This is the extreme heat. We get to show the kind of person we will become through these tests. Then, in the end, we are a stronger and better version of ourselves, just like that maple syrup.

Remember that next time you are having a hard go at things. From experience, I know that things always get better after they are hard. I also know that by facing trials and hardships with faith, not only are those hardships easier but you are a better person because of those trials. God doesn't punish us with trials, but he allows us to experience them because he knows we will become better people. He also is always right there to comfort and guide us through both good and hard times. What a great blessing to know that.

I really like maple syrup. Mrs. Buttersworth just won't do after you have had the real thing. That has nothing to do with the subject at hand by the way. I was just missing real good Wisconsin Maple Syrup. Maybe I will get to enjoy some while home in December for the holidays.



Super Stupendous Saturday

1. Letters from Taiwan-I got a postcard from my niece who is serving a mission there.  It made my day.
2. Ellis changing everyday-This week humming is new, and he is getting so strong.  He can sit up with help.
3. Carrots bought by Reub- he remembers the small things.  I mentioned that I like crinkle cut carrots and bought more of them for me.
4. Coming home to Ellis-I could stare at that face for hours and often do!
5. Fall walks-the sunsets are amazing this time of year.  I love that God is a great artist. 
6. Badminton and badminton challenges-the kids love to try to beat me.  It rarely happens.  It is easy to teach PE and badminton.  Not much refereeing that needs to be done.
7. Amazing dinners made by Reub-He made this amazing chili this week. So tasty.  I made breakfast on Wednesday and it was a disaster.  Oh well.
8.  I love how google saves all my emails.  It is fun to search and find blasts from the past!
9.  Weight Watchers- Going back to meetings has gotten me focused on my goal again.
10.  Kari-She is an amazing friend who watches Ellis for me.  She made it possible for date night last week and makes it possible for me to get to Weight Watchers.
11.  The end of the week- I am so glad I have a job where I get the weekends free.  I am lucky and blessed.
12.  Music-I am loving the 60s, 70s, 80s Hits station.  It is so soothing.  Ellis is also a music lover.  He still loves his baby playlist that has three whole songs on it.  Music is powerful, no?
13. Fleece blankets- I had a nice nap this morning on our futon with my new one.  Ellis was lightly sleeping and I worried that if I got back into bed it would wake him.  Why is my bed so creaky? 
14.  Alarm clocks- I would be lost without mine these days.  Better yet, Alarms that are Sugarland.  
15.  Being able to schedule blog posts.  I am a few days ahead!!
Well, cheers!


Fitness Friday

We are focusing on food these days.  Sure I am exercising more, but at this moment in time, I need to train that natural woman to not eat all the ice cream in the world everyday.  I have done well with this the past few weeks.  I have lost about 4 pounds.  Only about 36 more to go in the next three months.  Who's idea was it to start this weight loss journey(again) during the months of November and December?  Hello, Thanksgiving and Christmas are in this time frame.  Oh well.

Maybe you are curious why I have three months to do this?  Well, I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.  Most of you know about this.  Basically, I got to my goal weight.  When you do that, you don't have to pay to use the program anymore.  Well, then I got pregnant.  WW does not let you participate while you are creating a human inside of you.  I guess it is a good thing for safety issues and such, but it was hard for me to healthily gain weight, so I just gave up and ate whatever I wanted.  Old Alice was back.  Now, I am battling to get little New Alice to be running my brain.

Food is everywhere.  And food that tastes real good usually is not great for us.  And if somebody is thinking about you, then this applies(my Weight Watchers leader, Michelle always says this):
"Sugar + fat = love!"  So I am trying to be better at giving people nice little non-food items this time of year.  That is hard.  I am also good at throwing food away.  It isn't that I don't appreciate sugar and fat treats, I just know I will eat it all and not eat a cookie a day.

I also need to remember that it is about "the butts in the seats, not the food on the plates."  People are important.  Food is crucial, but you do not have to have ice cream every. single. day!  Of course,  I say this and will be eating a burger and fries tonight at Red Robin with peeps from work to celebrate getting paid.  It is hard to be social without food.  Of course, I will have the petite burger, which cancels out the all you can eat fries, right?

Moderation is still the key.  I can be good 80% of the time, which I calculate to be Monday thru Friday.  Then I can play a bit on the weekends.  Of course, like I said before it is a balance: calories in, calories out.  So, if you play TOO much, you have to move more.  Is that brownie worth an hour on the exercise bike?  See skinny people have to work to stay that way, just sayin'.

You choose your hard.  It may be hard to be overweight.  Sure, it is.  It is also hard to lose or maintain weight.  You get to choose your hard.  And don't lie to yourself and just say it is in the stars or your genetics.  You still choose that brownie or carrot.  You choose.  Isn't it great to have a choice? Of course, we complain about it at times, don't we, but we have the power to be what we want to be, we just have to choose to be it!

Like tomorrow when it is time to exercise.  I will complain, but I will also choose to do it.  I must because Mama is cooking on Sunday, and seriously...I will eat her good food lovelies because they are divine.  Thanks Mama!

And here is to another good week and the end of my ramblings.



Throwback Thursday...

...Thanksgiving 2009. (I'll be doing a little Thanksgiving throwbacks this month.

Long before being married or a mother, maybe I had a thing for Edward Cullen.

Long before being a mother, I loved kids. Here's O.

Having an adopted family with younger siblings is awesome. Josh is all grown up now and serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in England

Spencer was my favorite. He still is my favorite kid from another mother besides me. I miss that cuddle bug and his fashion sense.


Wacky Wednesday.

What day is it?.........Hump day....whoop whoop!!!!

This is the poster to tell us to be safe and not fall.  It keeps falling off the wall.  Wacky, no?

It is warm in November.  Also Wacky.  Here are some pics from a walk I took tonight.  The sunset was amazing.

The last wackiness is that I keep copying the same thing on both sides of a paper.  It was wacky today when I had to stop in class to go fix my copies.  Wacky.


True Confession Tuesday

1. I can't tell the difference between navy blue and black sometimes. Hence the new black pants and blue sweatshirt today.
2. I drive too fast to work. I see deserve a ticket.
3. I'm tired. All. The. Time.
4. I get nervous when the principal enters my classroom, even after 12 years of teaching.
5. I have a horrible temper but usually hide it well.
6. I wish I could get enough time to blog everyday. There is a great Mommy Monday post in my head about breastfeeding.
7. I am taking two online classes to stay current on my teaching license and think I am insane to think I have the time for it.
8. I really miss National Novel Writing Month but know that realistically I wouldn't have been able to make it.
9. I lost two pounds this week but still hate eating healthier. I still want ice cream every. Single. Day.
10. I must go to bed but worry I'll wake the wee one.



Spiritual Sunday

"Our Heavenly Father … knows that we learn and grow and become stronger as we face and survive the trials through which we must pass."
-President Thomas S. Monson, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I will be honest.  I am writing this monday and I really didn't give this a lot of thought...which tells me I need to do better at making my Sunday more spiritual.  But here is a thought for all of us.  Here is the link if you would like to read the rest of this address given by President Monson at October General Conference:  Monson

We all have trials.  Life is hard sometimes.  But we do really grow and learn as we face challenges.  It does not mean that God has forsaken us or that He hates us or even that we have done something wrong.  This life is where we prove ourselves for eternity.  Prove wisely. :)

Stupendous Saturday.

Stupendous Saturday:
1. Crying in front of family-sometimes I need to cry and let other comfort me.
2. Forgiveness
3. A patient husband
4. How falling in class has gotten me respect in 6th hour, my most challenging class.
5. The students who make it worth coming everyday. 
6. Coming home to Ellis after a hard day. 
7. Ellis being happy when he wakes up. 
8. Having a date night. It was weird being without Ellis but fun to have Reuben all to myself. Ender's Game is good. So are wings. 


Fitness Friday

Well. I am back to writing down all I eat and exercise. It is HARD. Most things that I find "worth it" are a sacrifice. Interesting, no?

I attended Weight Watchers for the first time in over a year this past Tuesday. I know that by doing that, I have a ready made support system and am accountable. Stepping on the scale regularly makes it so you know exactly what you are up against. People who ignore this step, have a hard time being successful in getting to or staying at a healthy weight.

I have also started exercising again. Now, I am not crazy, but seriously, exercise rocks. I feel better and my body seems to work better. The combo of eating healthier and moving is amazing. I have tried to get in three workouts a week. I have walked with a friend, and done P90X so far. I better get something in while Reuben is working later this morning. (Pretend I wrote this last night instead of Saturday morning.)

I will keep you posted on my progress each week. Last week I lost two pounds with not really watching what I ate, but I was starting to exercise and that probably is what did it. Weight loss rarely happens without a conscious effort. Those skinny girls I used to hate, really don't have a magical metabolism. They actually pay attention to what they put into their mouths and move more. I have to remind myself of that. Making up an excuse to stay unhealthy because I, "must be made differently," just doesn't cut it anymore.



Tag line Thursday

Here are a few of the things you might hear Alice say a lot:
"Swearing is contagious."

"Thanks for shopping our kmart," as kids leave my class.

When asked how I am, "I'm spamtastic!"

"Smell ya later"

"See ya in the future."

Short but sweet today. 

Enjoy Ellis:


Three Wacky Things

1. All kids in health class 2nd hour. I don't think that has happened since the beginning of school.
2. Indian food is no bueno for Ellis. I need to avoid that while we are still nursing. He spit up so much the day after we are that Indian food!
3. I didn't remember how I got to work yesterday. Sometimes we just don't pay attention when we're driving.

Ellis is plain cute. Not too wacky.


True Confession Tuesday

Hi. I added to Tuesday's possible subject. Today is True Confession Tuesday. I just may start making an alliteration theme on a whim. I am so whimsical. 

True confession is where you are brutally honest about yourself. It is very freeing!! Thanks to MBCB, a former roommate and amazing friend, true confession came into my life and changed it forever. 

True Confession:
1. I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting tonight, and then went to a pizza buffet. I guess I'll start tomorrow. 
2. I hate Jane Austen, but LOVE Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Add zombies to Victorian Brittish literature and I like it. I love zombies. 
3. I take too hot and too long of showers. 
4. I sometimes wear clothes more than once without a wash in between. 
5. I love facial hair. Not on me, but Reuben looks great fuzzy. Too bad he isn't a fan of sporting facial hair. 

Have a great day. You know who's fault it is if you don't!  


Mommy Monday

Being a mommy makes me tired. That's all I have for tonight. 


Spiritual Sunday

Sometimes when I go to church these days, I don't get a whole lot out of it.  I am often feeding Ellis or helping him not cry.  So, it is sometimes hard to take away a whole lot from church.

Today, Sunday School was really the part of church that touched me and the hour where I felt like I actually was able to focus.  The discussion in the class was all about family history.

I think the way The Church of Jesus Christ focuses a lot on the family is in many ways unique.  Yes, most religions see the family as important and that we should treat our families well, but I feel the focus in our church is pretty unique because we don't only focus on our immediate family but we also extend our focus to those of our family who have gone before us.  We are encouraged to keep a record of our ancestors and to find out more about them.  We are tied to them and have a responsibility to know them.

The spirit of Elijah is real.  In the Old Testament, Malachi writes: "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smile the earth with a curse."  (Malachi 4:5-6)  We believe that Elijah came to the prophet Joseph Smith and restored the keys of the sealing power which was mentioned here in Malachi, this power helps us all be sealed to one another eternally.  And each of us can have the feeling of closeness and care for our ancestors through this spirit that Elijah has established. 

With shows like, Who do you think you are?, where celebrities are looking for their own ancestors, you can also see that people are having their hearts turned to their fathers.  This is really happening.  

My dad has always been into family history and has done an amazing job in finding information about our ancestors.  He has the Spirit of Elijah in his heart as well.  This isn't just something that is claimed only by members of my church.  

I love hearing stories about my family.  I find pride in knowing that Henry came over from Germany to build a better life for himself and that actually had an impact on my life.  It's fun to know that one of my ancestors had many children and that he was left alone to raise them, but then married another woman who stepped in and took care of those kids as if they were her own.  

We are truly tied to our family and it is important to honor them and remember them.  

Reuben and I went to a little Dia De Los Muertos(Day of the Dead) celebration yesterday. Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday where people honor their dead.  They have a big celebration to remember those who have gone before.  They also create little altars to honor their deceased loved ones.  The altars are filled with things to invite the spirit of that particular loved one back.  Food, items that that person owned, things that represent their hobbies and interests, and pictures are included on the altar.  Seeing all these altars made me want to learn more about my ancestors so I would know what I would put on an altar to honor each one of them.  I wonder what would have been on Henry's altar.  What did he like to do?  What were his favorite foods?  What was he really like?  Wouldn't it be cool to meet him one day and talk about how he got to America and what made him leave Germany.  

The cool thing about that is that I know that I will be able to see him again.  That is what is cool about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Christ died so that we may live together eternally.  Cool stuff.  It will be fun to get to hear all the stories of those who came before us.  Each of us has so many experiences and what a blessing it will be to sit down in the afterlife and hear everybody's stories. 

What an amazing blessing to have this faith and to be able to look forward to dying not as an ending but as a transition to eternity.

And there is my spiritual thought for this Sunday.  Here are a few pictures of Dia de los Muertos. 
And this is how Ellis enjoyed Sunday School. 


Stupendous Saturday

Some people have a thing where they write down something they are thankful for everyday.  That is a good tradition but I would forget to do it everyday, so I am glad I am doing stupendous Saturday which is all about good things that happened this week, which really is a grateful list.

I really need to start writing down what happens each day in my life because it is all still a blur day to day.  I get up, go to work, come home, hang with Ellis and then wake up and do it all again the next day.

Here are good things that happened this week:

1.  We played floor hockey in class.  I join in on occasion and it is fun to do. We even had a staff against student game after school one day this week.  It was way fun.
2.  I started working out in my weight training class.  It has been a long time and I am glad to start moving again.
3.  Ellis was a cute pumpkin for Halloween.
4.  I dressed as the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz for Halloween. It was awesome when kids would figure out who I was instead of saying "Pocahontas."
5.  I had dinner and hung out with friends on Friday.  Afterward, I was able to catch up with my friend Kari.  It's weird not to work with her and see her everyday.
6.  Reuben and I went to Thanksgiving Point last night and saw a Dia De Los Muertos celebration.  I think I actually like that as much as Halloween.  Celebrating our dead is a cool thing. It was interesting and fun.  Then we ate Indian.  YUMMY.
7.  Left overs.  Hello, Indian two days in a row....Heavenly.
8. Ellis talking(we have great conversations...okay so it's just cooing and stuff) and kicking.  That kid is growing fast and I love to live in the little fun moments.
9. A Halloween card in the mail from my seester.  She is just so dang cute.  She also made it which makes it all the more special.  And seriously, hand written letters are awesome.
10.  A phone call with a friend from Wisconsin.  It is fun to have friends to reconnect with and it is awesome how we never miss a beat.

I will try harder to make sure I write a note everyday of a good thing that happened.  Life is so much better when we focus on the good!


Fitness Friday: Five Fitness Goals

Happy Friday. I teach my health students that you must write down your goals and that those goals must be specific. So here are five of mine:

1. Obviously, I want to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. I tried to go back to Weight Watchers this week, but my favorite leader was not there and the others weren't much help getting me set back up, so I've been a rebel and this is my final week of gluttony. I will attend WW meetings every Tuesday night. 
2. Exercise at least 3 times a week. This is sweaty cardio burn. I will also be lifting in my weight conditioning class. 
3. Run a 5k in either April or May. I have missed the running lots. 
4. Get back to benching 110 pounds. 
5. Have the ability to say no to crap food. I can do hard things. 

I have noticed lately that I am squishy and out of shape. I also am noticing that my food choices make my body not run at its best. It's time for a change. I look forward to this new journey!! I'll need support so thank you to you all in advance!!!