Fitness Friday: Five Fitness Goals

Happy Friday. I teach my health students that you must write down your goals and that those goals must be specific. So here are five of mine:

1. Obviously, I want to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. I tried to go back to Weight Watchers this week, but my favorite leader was not there and the others weren't much help getting me set back up, so I've been a rebel and this is my final week of gluttony. I will attend WW meetings every Tuesday night. 
2. Exercise at least 3 times a week. This is sweaty cardio burn. I will also be lifting in my weight conditioning class. 
3. Run a 5k in either April or May. I have missed the running lots. 
4. Get back to benching 110 pounds. 
5. Have the ability to say no to crap food. I can do hard things. 

I have noticed lately that I am squishy and out of shape. I also am noticing that my food choices make my body not run at its best. It's time for a change. I look forward to this new journey!! I'll need support so thank you to you all in advance!!!


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Elizabeth Peterson said...

I know you can do it! You are amazing and totally can do hard things!