Fitness Friday

Well. I am back to writing down all I eat and exercise. It is HARD. Most things that I find "worth it" are a sacrifice. Interesting, no?

I attended Weight Watchers for the first time in over a year this past Tuesday. I know that by doing that, I have a ready made support system and am accountable. Stepping on the scale regularly makes it so you know exactly what you are up against. People who ignore this step, have a hard time being successful in getting to or staying at a healthy weight.

I have also started exercising again. Now, I am not crazy, but seriously, exercise rocks. I feel better and my body seems to work better. The combo of eating healthier and moving is amazing. I have tried to get in three workouts a week. I have walked with a friend, and done P90X so far. I better get something in while Reuben is working later this morning. (Pretend I wrote this last night instead of Saturday morning.)

I will keep you posted on my progress each week. Last week I lost two pounds with not really watching what I ate, but I was starting to exercise and that probably is what did it. Weight loss rarely happens without a conscious effort. Those skinny girls I used to hate, really don't have a magical metabolism. They actually pay attention to what they put into their mouths and move more. I have to remind myself of that. Making up an excuse to stay unhealthy because I, "must be made differently," just doesn't cut it anymore.