Fitness Friday

We are focusing on food these days.  Sure I am exercising more, but at this moment in time, I need to train that natural woman to not eat all the ice cream in the world everyday.  I have done well with this the past few weeks.  I have lost about 4 pounds.  Only about 36 more to go in the next three months.  Who's idea was it to start this weight loss journey(again) during the months of November and December?  Hello, Thanksgiving and Christmas are in this time frame.  Oh well.

Maybe you are curious why I have three months to do this?  Well, I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.  Most of you know about this.  Basically, I got to my goal weight.  When you do that, you don't have to pay to use the program anymore.  Well, then I got pregnant.  WW does not let you participate while you are creating a human inside of you.  I guess it is a good thing for safety issues and such, but it was hard for me to healthily gain weight, so I just gave up and ate whatever I wanted.  Old Alice was back.  Now, I am battling to get little New Alice to be running my brain.

Food is everywhere.  And food that tastes real good usually is not great for us.  And if somebody is thinking about you, then this applies(my Weight Watchers leader, Michelle always says this):
"Sugar + fat = love!"  So I am trying to be better at giving people nice little non-food items this time of year.  That is hard.  I am also good at throwing food away.  It isn't that I don't appreciate sugar and fat treats, I just know I will eat it all and not eat a cookie a day.

I also need to remember that it is about "the butts in the seats, not the food on the plates."  People are important.  Food is crucial, but you do not have to have ice cream every. single. day!  Of course,  I say this and will be eating a burger and fries tonight at Red Robin with peeps from work to celebrate getting paid.  It is hard to be social without food.  Of course, I will have the petite burger, which cancels out the all you can eat fries, right?

Moderation is still the key.  I can be good 80% of the time, which I calculate to be Monday thru Friday.  Then I can play a bit on the weekends.  Of course, like I said before it is a balance: calories in, calories out.  So, if you play TOO much, you have to move more.  Is that brownie worth an hour on the exercise bike?  See skinny people have to work to stay that way, just sayin'.

You choose your hard.  It may be hard to be overweight.  Sure, it is.  It is also hard to lose or maintain weight.  You get to choose your hard.  And don't lie to yourself and just say it is in the stars or your genetics.  You still choose that brownie or carrot.  You choose.  Isn't it great to have a choice? Of course, we complain about it at times, don't we, but we have the power to be what we want to be, we just have to choose to be it!

Like tomorrow when it is time to exercise.  I will complain, but I will also choose to do it.  I must because Mama is cooking on Sunday, and seriously...I will eat her good food lovelies because they are divine.  Thanks Mama!

And here is to another good week and the end of my ramblings.


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Sharri Brown said...

Great write up., you should be a weight watchers leader. I have been thinking the same thing. I know I can do it, because I have done it before. I just have to remember that exercise is important as well as eating healthy. You are my inspiration, so I know we both can do it.