Lots of things to be thankful for this time of year.  Wait, there are lots of things to be thankful for all year.  I am glad I am doing this once a week and remembering to be thankful not just in November, but all year long.

1.  Soup.  We have had amazing soup this week.  One was a Portuguese cabbage soup and another was a spicy squash soup.  Have I mentioned that Reuben rocks the kitchen?
2.  New clothes dryer.  I know I am truly an adult now that I am excited about things like appliances.  I was so excited to dry clothes on Wednesday.  Seriously?  Very adult-like.
3.  Running.  Man, have I missed it.
4.  Phone calls with Sue.  My mom is so cool.  She may be a little stressed this week because their big move is happening this week.
5.  Mail.  Ellis got a card and new snowsuit from Grandma Sue.  I think she likes him a bit.
6.  Testing.  Friday classes are hard for me.  They are an hour and five minutes long which feels like two days(the rest of the week, classes are only 46 minutes long).  I administered a test to my Freshmen connections class on Friday instead of the long classes and that was nice.
7.  Heat.  It has gotten chilly in these parts.  It is nice to have a furnace that works well and keeps us warm.
8.  Baby giggles.  Ellis has started to chuckle while awake this week.  He has always laughed in his sleep but he is learning to laugh in awake life.  He is also holding his neck up better and sitting with a bit of aid.  Have I mentioned how much I love that bugger?
9.  Modern Medicine.  Teething has commenced.  We love baby ibuprofen and also frozen chew toys.  Silly kid is not a binky boy anymore so these things save us at night.
10.  Winter clothes.  I sure do love my beanies.  Of course, hats are my thing.  I also like my winter coats.  They are so cozy.
11.  Little tidbits of revelation.  God is a huge presence in our lives, if we let Him in.  Being a parent has made me understand just how much God must love me because I am His child.  How miraculous.

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

Where is your Mom moving to? Hopefully closer to you! That is an awesome thankful list!!!