Throw it Back

I needed to see "Big Alice."  I need some motivation to get back on the weight loss bandwagon.  I remember that girl.  The one with the cake didn't quite want to change yet.  The one running would have given it all to be where I am today.  I need to honor that running girl and get back to my goal weight.  Any of you have some motivation for me?


Elizabeth Peterson said...

Just that I know you can do it. And you might want to get back to shape quick because your little guy is going to start running in no time and you want to be in shape to catch him and play all sorts of sports and games with him. Do it for him!

Morgan Hagey said...

You LOVE being fit, feeling healthy and most importantly being in control of your HEALTH and what you put in your body. You are the boss of you. You are strong. :)