A Month of Silence Ends

This past month has escaped me. I don't even know where to start.

I guess I'll start with today. This year has been the year of being flexible at work and today was no different. We had a very cool assembly half way through the day but in order to do so, we had a silly schedule. This meant that one of my classes was displaced to set up for said assembly. I didn't realize it until this morning which made for an interesting "What do we do with our PE class with no gym?" moment. It worked out but it is always an adventure when flying by the seat of your pants. My pants are getting a bit thin.

Here are cool pics of the assembly though!

Cool BMX tricks!

A blurry vice principal and bike flying over her head. A highlight!

In other news, I have a baby bump now:

It even seems a bit bigger today. Maybe another pic is necessary!

The new house is almost in order. Crazy, no? Here are a few after the remodel pics:

New wood floors


Master bedroom new paint and carpet.

The office. I love my orange wall.

Baby room.

Front room.

I'll have to take some finished pics as soon as our tv is mounted on the wall and the last of the boxes is unpacked.

What else? A month is a lot of time. We did hear baby's heartbeat back in the end of January. It was cool and made me cry! This whole baby growing inside of me is very weird but also very exciting. I'm about 17 weeks now. The morning sickness is better, but I am still tired all the time!

Speaking of which, I am falling asleep while writing this. I hope you all have survived a month without my ramblings. Until next time, may the force be with you!