Ah...Spring Break

Greetings from the beach. Well, actually from the beach house where I am currently laying in my twin bed pretending to still be asleep.

There are kiddos up and about getting ready to tackle the beach again. It is fun to see them so excited for this new to them place. I think that will be an awesome part of having my own kids. That whole teaching them about cool and new stuff and seeing their awe and excitement.

Oh yeah. If you live in the dark ages and didn't hear the announcement, Reuben and I will be welcoming a son around August 2nd.

Here is my favorite picture of the little pumpkin inside of me:

Doesn't he have some cute toes? I love his toes. I am kinda surprised at how much seeing the little bugger on the screen made me fall in love with this little person. And he has been moving a whole lot which reminds me that he's really there, and oh my goodness, I love that boy! (Seriously, the eyes are wet as I write this. Silly pregnancy mommy hormones.)

Reuben says he has my feet. I think it is hard to say in this silly picture. Can't wait to meet him! Reuben was adorable when he first saw the ultrasound screen. I really like that I married a man that cries on occasion. I think that made me weepy more than the actually ultrasound. I was more like: "Oh my goodness, look at those toes." And just plain in awe.

Here is a prime example of people in awe of the first pics of their 16th grandchild.

So fun!!!

Besides that awesomeness this week which was announced at work by blue frosting filled cupcakes,

the week was filled with basketball,

Pie throwing,


Finding my favorite hat,

And saying farewell to Reuben before heading to sunny California. There are no pics of that but we did have a nice date at the exhibition pro baseball game between the Rockies and Mariners in Salt Lake and some ice cream while waiting for my friend Kari to meet me to carpool to Cali.
We saw this cool stuff at the old train depot in salt lake:

Nice way to start spring break, no?

Well, off to my first full day on the beach. I'm sure you'll find more adventures posted this week as I have more time to do so. Cheers.