Goodness...is it next Friday yet?

Hi all. Not only am I squirrelly, but my students are crazy squirrelly! The end of classwork isn't until next Friday, so the next week will be an adventure. Then we have three days after Memorial Day. Why they want to torture us with those days(we haven't gone past Memorial Day in the 11 years I have been teaching), is beyond me.

Oh well. I am sure it will all be over in a blink of an eye anyway!

We bought a new grill this week. And Reuben even made me steak last night. Delicious!

I planted some plants this week. It is a part of the Patio Renovation Project that I have in my head. We will have a rockin' patio in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more!

Reuben gave me the one on the left for Mother's Day. He is a sweet, sweet man. I am one lucky girl. I am falling more and more in love with him as we go to our birthing classes. We have some of the same ideas about all that.

He's going to be an excellent dad. We cooked for my friend's kids this week and they had a blast with him playing tennis and joking around.

The waffles were a true favorite!

There was an afterschool party for our after hours program today. These moments I love with these kiddos.

Just decide that every day will be great, and guess what? It is. I am keeping that attitude as we get though the next week, and onto my favorite day, Graduation!!!!

Well, I am off to plant the lonely two impatients that didn't get planted the other night. My wonderful husband brought home a pot for me to put them in. He is great, isn't he?