Wisconsin Recap and Introducing Writing Wednesday

Here is a recap of my Wisconsin adventures:
Friday, May 31st: Seester picks me up at airport in Madison, WI. She then treats me to a fabulous burger at Red Robin. I chat her ears off.
Saturday, June 1st: My parents arrive in Madison, while Seester and Brother-in-Law have taken me out for an amazing Corned Beef Omelet. The parents join us then we hang out all day(after an adventure to the closing of a hardware store and cruising around the capitol and city)and then eat amazing burgers made by my Seester and Brother-In-Law. My Dad, Brother-In-Law and I sit around the fire in their backyard for hours. I eat two s'mores.

Sunday, June 2nd: More hanging out, then we go to Elijah's graduation party. The highlight is drinking Sprecher Rootbeer from the keg. Amazing.
Monday, June 3rd: Just traveling to Rhinelander with the parents and then chilling at home. It's always great to be home!
Tuesday, June 4th: It rains all day(and most of the week!) and I worry that my team's softball game will be cancelled. Luckily, it isn't. We(mom, dad, and I)freeze but enjoy their win followed by ballpark food. I convince Mom and Dad that even though it is cold and rainy we should eat Briq's because it is delicious!

Wednesday, June 5th: Mom and I go shopping in town and then enjoy tacos at Pat's Tavern. Usually, we would eat these on the patio, but it is rainy and cold. That night we keep Scrabble traditions alive. Mom wins as usual.

Thursday, June 6th: Mom and I head to Green Bay after a morning meeting she had to attend because she is in charge of said meeting. (It's a cool non-profit called "Let's Go Fishing." They have a pontoon boat and take senior citizens out on boat rides and fishing trips. Cool stuff!) We visit with Grandma Rita who gives the wee baby a crocheted blanket. We then meet family for dinner at Kroll's right across from Lambeau Field. I eat cheese curds and a butter burger and am in heaven! It is always fun to connect with the family too!

Friday, June 7th: We drive back to Rhinelander with a quick stop for dinner and a baby shower with Wausau friends. They spoil the soon to be baby lots which causes me to buy a new duffle bag to get all the goodies to Utah! Well worth it and Italian Fries at The Wausau Mine Company are always a favorite.

Saturday, June 8th: More hanging out. Art show at Rhinelander Courthouse. I bought a lot of bars of homemade soaps from a dear family friend. Andi gets a million yard decorations that are way cool. It makes me wish I had a yard! Andi and I also get matching rings. Dad then feeds us an amazing dinner. I convince everybody that we must eat Briq's Ice Cream again before I leave town!
Sunday, June 9th: We go and visit the soap making goddess and her family at their cabin on Lake Tomahawk for brunch. Then we come back for graduation. Then, a tearful goodbye with Mom and the Madison peeps and I head back down there. Some people still have to be at school or work. Suckers.

Monday, June 10th: I write a million thank you cards while my nephew-puppy, Divot, watches and get them to the post office. I also go shoe shopping and buy none. Andi comes home and takes me to dinner at a pub that looks out to the Capitol(which is hard to see in the pic) and then to the airport. Another goodbye, or even better a "see ya later" and I am off to Reuben and Utah.

Back in Utah: Now, we are onto summer break and keeping busy. The days are filled with reading and walks. Wednesdays have now been dubbed "Writing Wednesdays" which will be dedicated to blogposts on my writing blog, poetry experiments, and editing on of my many unedited novels. Feel free to check out my writing from today HERE