Happy, Happy, Happy!

Well, it is officially summer, what do you think of that? Summer is a fantastic time. I am pretty sure most people feel pretty dang happy when this time of year comes around.

Being a school teacher, makes summer extra special for this gal and I have been very much enjoying my time so far. The funny thing about it is sometimes I am already thinking: "How can I be bored already?" and "Man, this summer is going to go fast!" Two of the scary thoughts that you have during summer.

Lately, I have been keeping busy by daily walks, lots of fishing with Reuben, laying on the couch and lots of reading.

Here are some pictorial highlights of the past few weeks because really, a picture is worth a thousand words and I really don't have the energy for a whole lots of words these days. Especially today because I was up at 4:30. What the heck...it's summer, the season to sleep?

I created my dream patio. Well, it is close to the patio of my dreams, at least. It is a happy place.

Reno has made friends with the horses and cows along the river trail, even though they make him a bit nervous at first.

Walking with friend, Kari everyday is a highlight. She's a good egg!

Yea for anniversary flowers! We made it past the hardest part, right? I really have chosen my husband wisely. Reuben takes care of me(he even tied my shoes in public down in Manti this weekend because I can't reach), is a great cook, is hilarious and even loves me in a t-shirt, jeans, hat and no make-up. What a catch! We spent our anniversary at the family cabin down in Fairview. It is a gorgeous place!

We also went fishing before meeting up with friends and then going to The Manti Miracle Pageant. It was a great anniversary!!!

And today, the new air conditioning is getting installed. It was an ordeal but really, this pregnant girl living in hot summer Utah needs it!

Well...here is to a happy, happy, happy summer and to another wonderful year of marital bliss!