"Zero Hour"

Today is Baby Ficklin's due date. This pretty much means absolutely nothing. Just thought you should know. People are starting to ask every time they see me: "still no baby, eh?" I think that is kinda obvious too. Just sayin'. You will all know as soon as he's here. Give or take a few hours. Until then, you can check out this link whenever you are tempted to ask: "Have you had that baby yet?": Answer

In celebration of the due date, here are ten things you should know about Baby Ficklin:
1. His name has been picked out and is secret until his arrival(I did let Reuben know. Lol. He helped!!!)
2. The Ficklin Clan call him RP3(Reuben Perry the third). This is not his name.
3. The Koehne Clan(mainly Mom and Seester) call him Abner Erich. This was my Cabbage Patch Kid's name and also not Baby Ficklin's name.
4. He is a hipster. He doesn't want to follow the crowd, therefore, head down is just too trendy. He is currently breech but I'm am faithful he will join the majority soon!!
5. I sometimes call him Honey Badger or HB. Mainly, due to the popular YouTube video entitled "The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger." Now, with that name you may think I am being mean to my unborn child but the Honey Badger, according to this video, just does what it wants. It doesn't care. Just like #4, Baby Ficklin does what he wants too. P.S. I do not recommend this video to anyone who is offended by language. It does swear lots and includes the F-word twice, but secretly it makes me laugh so hard that I cry. Don't judge.
6. He is a Ninja. He stretches and kicks lots. These days it kinda takes me by surprise and often stops me in my tracks. It tickles too.
7. He likes Miranda Lambert. Or he hates her. It's hard to tell when you play babies music in vitro because they could be enjoying the music and rocking out or they could be knocking on the walls going "stop that crap!" He also feels this way about Kelly Clarkson and all music really.
8. He likes Reuben's calm voice when we practice Hypnobirthing. He moves around, gets comfy and then sleeps/relaxes.
9. He doesn't like ice on his head. Again, this relates to #4. Some people have claimed that if you put something cold on baby's head they will flip. Baby Ficklin flinches a little, sinks an inch and then is like: "Yeah right mom, that isn't going to trick me out of my special comfy spot.
10. He has already captured my heart. I cannot wait to see his little face, fingers and toes. I often wonder who he will look like and what his personality will be like. It is a miracle to be a part of this process of bringing a little person to this world and I feel so blessed to be a part of God's work, for he is truly is one of God's sons. What a great responsibility and one never feels ready or competent enough to face the challenge of raising a child, but I think of how important it is to raise a child right and teach them the way in a quite confusing world. I have every confidence that this kid is going to be a hero and change the world for the better. What a great journey Reuben and I are starting soon as parents. We will need all the help we can get and you all are a part of this too and I am thankful I have such a great support group of people who have charted these
waters before and even if you haven't, you bring so much talent and skills to help him too!!! We are all in this together, right?

Well, as Reuben says, it is the "Zero Hour now," because the due date is here. Now, you all can guess what day he will appear. Also, guess a name. I'll buy you a treat, if you guess right!!!


He waves with his toes.