Two Weeks Later...

Well, actually three weeks after the last post, but two weeks after the arrival of Ellis Daniel Ficklin.

Last time I wrote, I was still hopeful for a flip from this baby and a natural birth. Well, when I went in for some tests(they give standard tests for week overdue mamas!), one was normal(Ellis was not in distress) but the other wasn't(he only had about half of the fluid he was supposed to). So, right there at my appointment with the midwife, we were told we would be having a baby that day.

My mom and sister were in town and it was kind of a relief to know that they would be here for Ellis' birth. I was worried they would have to leave the next Tuesday without even meeting him.

So, we did what we do and shopped for an hour before meeting Reuben and heading to the hospital. Then, after waiting for about two hours for the anesthesiologist, Ellis was born at 6:23 Friday, August 9th.

After a three night stay in the hospital, we headed home. Then I really didn't know what to do next? So, I just held him and starred.

The past two weeks have been magical. That little boy had my heart and is such a peaceful little soul, except when you change his diaper or clothes, then he screams. Oh and that scream is so cute because the more mad he gets, then he snorts. It's way cute.

I have been learning so much. The main thing is that I am not I control. From his birth to the outfit I had picked out for him to go home in, he had other plans.

I can't wait to get to know Ellis even more as he grows and becomes a man. What a blessing it is to be a mother and it all has been quite a ride. I'll be sure to keep bookface updated with photos but here are a few. I know a few people who need a daily Ellis.

My favorite.

Another smile.

Already ignoring mom!

Sleeping angel

With Papa

With cousin Chloe.

Snug in the Moby.