While the baby sleeps...

Life has been crazy busy. I am crazy tired these days too. Not getting solid sleep wears on one's memory. I forget most things these days. He's worth it though.

Right now we are counting down the days and hours until Grandma Sue and Auntie Andi come to visit. It is in less than a week!!!

Ellis is growing like a weed. I weighed him today and he is over 12 pounds now. Crazy. He is smiling and now tries to communicate through grunts and cooing. He is definitely one of my favorites.

I still find myself just starring at him. He's just so dang cute.

Being back at work is interesting. I love students but just have less patience and less of a social filter. I think my sympathy for them isn't much these days. I do still love my job. It just isn't my number one worry these days!!!

It's hard to keep up with everything and get home early to get Reuben to work. But it's worth it. Our little family is so important.

Well. That's all I got for now. My brain is numb. Here are a few pics of the wee one:

In his swing. He loves that swing for daddy.

Sometimes he's just so cute when he cries. That snort still gets me. His cry is changing too.

He has some funky hair after bath time.

I love his owl hat.

We like to watch football on Saturdays. And baseball too.