Thirsty Thursday

So, welcome to Thirsty Thursday.  Thursdays are where I will write about things that I thirst after.  The quote "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled" from Matthew 5:6, in the Bible, comes to mind.  And yes, I do thirst after righteous things even if I am not 100% perfect at being righteous all the time.

I also thirst for other things.  I really want to be a published writer, for example.  Lately, I am so busy and distracted by motherhood(which is totally not a bad thing!!!) that I don't even brush my teeth on some days, so writing has been a little on the back burner.  I think having a daily theme on here will make me be better at writing though.  I also am going to admit that I am writing this on Friday morning and missed Thirsty Thursday all together.  But that is okay. I will post date this and you will never even know that I didn't make it...oh wait!

Stay tuned for more things that I thirst after.  I may also make Thursdays,  Thirsty Throwback Thursday.  That way, I can reminisce about the past sometimes too and it still fits my theme.  I like that I am the boss of my blog!



I think I need daily themes to get me to write little snidbits on here. (I love to write and was just thinking the other day that if I could get published and make a million dollars I would not have to deal with stressful hooligans.  And I need to write more, even if my kiddo takes up the majority of my free time.) I may not write everyday, but I will do a bit better at getting a post on here more regularly.

Here is the outline of daily themes:
M-Mommy stuff(This is the one that people suggested most from comments)
T-Ticked Off Tuesday.  This week's Rant.
Wacky Wednesday.  Wacky things that have happened this week.
Th-Thirsty Thursday.  What things do you thirst after?
Fitness Friday.  All things Fitness
Stupendious Saturday.  All things Positive.
Spiritual Sunday-Spiritual insights from yours truly.

From these themes do you have any specifics that you would like to hear from me about?
And these themes are obviously subject to change because I am the boss of this blog.

You are all peachy.  Stay tuned for a Thirsty Thursday post.