Ticked off Tuesday...

Ticked off Tuesday can also be True Confession Tuesday.  I still am very excited that I am the boss of this blog!

The thing that ticks me off most this week is teen pregnancy. Seriously, don't they get how much work a baby is? Do they not know that babies are expensive? Don't these girls realize that having a stable home and a dad around is better for the wee one? Don't they  realize that raising a baby with a man who will help is priceless and with the man you love is amazing?

Nope. They don't think and that is the problem. They don't think it will happen to them. 

I also don't like when people can't drive a  round about and when the students at my school can't be on time to class(hello it's a tiny school!!).  Oh and when people are there to help but really don't know what they are talking about.  Customer service is important and it is frustrating when somebody isn't good at it.

That's it. Cheers.