True Confession Tuesday

Hi. I added to Tuesday's possible subject. Today is True Confession Tuesday. I just may start making an alliteration theme on a whim. I am so whimsical. 

True confession is where you are brutally honest about yourself. It is very freeing!! Thanks to MBCB, a former roommate and amazing friend, true confession came into my life and changed it forever. 

True Confession:
1. I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting tonight, and then went to a pizza buffet. I guess I'll start tomorrow. 
2. I hate Jane Austen, but LOVE Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Add zombies to Victorian Brittish literature and I like it. I love zombies. 
3. I take too hot and too long of showers. 
4. I sometimes wear clothes more than once without a wash in between. 
5. I love facial hair. Not on me, but Reuben looks great fuzzy. Too bad he isn't a fan of sporting facial hair. 

Have a great day. You know who's fault it is if you don't!