Wacky Wednesday.

What day is it?.........Hump day....whoop whoop!!!!

This is the poster to tell us to be safe and not fall.  It keeps falling off the wall.  Wacky, no?

It is warm in November.  Also Wacky.  Here are some pics from a walk I took tonight.  The sunset was amazing.

The last wackiness is that I keep copying the same thing on both sides of a paper.  It was wacky today when I had to stop in class to go fix my copies.  Wacky.


True Confession Tuesday

1. I can't tell the difference between navy blue and black sometimes. Hence the new black pants and blue sweatshirt today.
2. I drive too fast to work. I see deserve a ticket.
3. I'm tired. All. The. Time.
4. I get nervous when the principal enters my classroom, even after 12 years of teaching.
5. I have a horrible temper but usually hide it well.
6. I wish I could get enough time to blog everyday. There is a great Mommy Monday post in my head about breastfeeding.
7. I am taking two online classes to stay current on my teaching license and think I am insane to think I have the time for it.
8. I really miss National Novel Writing Month but know that realistically I wouldn't have been able to make it.
9. I lost two pounds this week but still hate eating healthier. I still want ice cream every. Single. Day.
10. I must go to bed but worry I'll wake the wee one.