Super Stupendous Saturday

1. Letters from Taiwan-I got a postcard from my niece who is serving a mission there.  It made my day.
2. Ellis changing everyday-This week humming is new, and he is getting so strong.  He can sit up with help.
3. Carrots bought by Reub- he remembers the small things.  I mentioned that I like crinkle cut carrots and bought more of them for me.
4. Coming home to Ellis-I could stare at that face for hours and often do!
5. Fall walks-the sunsets are amazing this time of year.  I love that God is a great artist. 
6. Badminton and badminton challenges-the kids love to try to beat me.  It rarely happens.  It is easy to teach PE and badminton.  Not much refereeing that needs to be done.
7. Amazing dinners made by Reub-He made this amazing chili this week. So tasty.  I made breakfast on Wednesday and it was a disaster.  Oh well.
8.  I love how google saves all my emails.  It is fun to search and find blasts from the past!
9.  Weight Watchers- Going back to meetings has gotten me focused on my goal again.
10.  Kari-She is an amazing friend who watches Ellis for me.  She made it possible for date night last week and makes it possible for me to get to Weight Watchers.
11.  The end of the week- I am so glad I have a job where I get the weekends free.  I am lucky and blessed.
12.  Music-I am loving the 60s, 70s, 80s Hits station.  It is so soothing.  Ellis is also a music lover.  He still loves his baby playlist that has three whole songs on it.  Music is powerful, no?
13. Fleece blankets- I had a nice nap this morning on our futon with my new one.  Ellis was lightly sleeping and I worried that if I got back into bed it would wake him.  Why is my bed so creaky? 
14.  Alarm clocks- I would be lost without mine these days.  Better yet, Alarms that are Sugarland.  
15.  Being able to schedule blog posts.  I am a few days ahead!!
Well, cheers!