Spiritual Sunday.

Just a few thoughts from when I was sitting at church today listening to a talk. In the talk, the speaker mentioned how maple syrup was made. I keyed into this as I fondly remember my grandpa making syrup every spring, while I was growing up in Wisconsin.

It takes about 60 gallons of maple sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. Not only does it take that precious amount of sap, but it also takes extreme heat.

This can be compared to us. We have a goal to be the best person we can be by the time we leave the world behind and go into eternity. We have "60 gallons" worth of tests and trials. While in those trials, we get to prove ourselves in the midst of pain, heartache, anger, etc. This is the extreme heat. We get to show the kind of person we will become through these tests. Then, in the end, we are a stronger and better version of ourselves, just like that maple syrup.

Remember that next time you are having a hard go at things. From experience, I know that things always get better after they are hard. I also know that by facing trials and hardships with faith, not only are those hardships easier but you are a better person because of those trials. God doesn't punish us with trials, but he allows us to experience them because he knows we will become better people. He also is always right there to comfort and guide us through both good and hard times. What a great blessing to know that.

I really like maple syrup. Mrs. Buttersworth just won't do after you have had the real thing. That has nothing to do with the subject at hand by the way. I was just missing real good Wisconsin Maple Syrup. Maybe I will get to enjoy some while home in December for the holidays.