Wacky Wednesday...

I find it silly to just post to post but I kinda am doing that today.

You know what is wacky?  Teething, teething is wacky.  You are born with no teeth and then just all the sudden, bam, you get teeth causing your parents to lose sleep and you to be miserable.  It's just plain wacky.

You know what else is wacky?  Viruses.  They are pretty dang wacky.  You cannot cure a virus but your body can fight it off with time(most viruses).  That is pretty dang cool and pretty wacky random that I thought of that.

Wacky?  Me.  I am wacky.  I am even wackier without sleep.

It is also pretty Wacky that Thanksgiving is just next week and then Christmas is very close.  Wacky.