Fit Friday

I ran again today.  That is three times the past two weeks.  This is progress people.  Progress.

As I was on my run today, I thought I would make today all about how to deal with the holidays.

Now, as a wise woman has said to me over and over, "it is a holiDAY, not a holiWEEK, or holiMONTH."  True right?

I tracked my food Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Then Thursday hit.  I decided to enjoy the holiday.  I did not write down a single bite.  Then today came and bam, I wrote down everything.  (Except for that popcorn that hit me in the last hour or so.)  Thanksgiving was a holiDAY!!! Yipee!

I also exercised on Wednesday and then took the holiday off and today I was out running.  It was so nice to actually run outside.  I think it was the second time in this neighborhood.  It wasn't too cold and that is nice.  I think next week that is supposed to change around these parts so I am glad to have taken advantage of good weather today.

Here are some more tips to get through a holiday.

1.  Pack gum-I didn't chew it until later on in the day, but in the past it has saved me.  You will not eat things with gum in your mouth.  Sure, you can spit it out, but then you have one more step to go through before caving.

2.  Eat fruit/veggies.  They are always at the party.  They will fill you up and are good for you. (I made my plate yesterday about halfway filled with fruits and veggies.

3.  Use a small plate.  It seems like it is a lot of food and big plates give you too much food.

4.  Drink lots of water.  Again, it fills you.

5.  Make room for the things you love.  For me, it is pie.  I had pie yesterday and it was awesome.  I ate less turkey and potatoes so I could eat the pie.

6.  Let it be a day event.  HoliDAY!!!

Well, there will be fun answers to some of your questions in the future.  I just found this topic to be fitting for this time of year.