Five Quick Things about Ellis

Ellis turned five months old yesterday.  To celebrate we fed him peas and some oatmeal.  You know when you turn five months, you must celebrate, right?
Here are five quick things about Ellis.  I do need to write him another letter but for sake of time, I am just listing today:
1.  He is a screaming eagle.  He was yelling so loud yesterday that I was certain the whole neighborhood could hear him.  So funny.
2.  He has recently started swinging his right arm when excited or angry.  Often this means he hits me in the face.  It also means that when he has toys in that hand, they go flying too.
3.  Ellis LOVES our dog, Reno.  Reno enters the room and Ellis will either smile or chuckle at him.  Often I will call Reno into the room when I am having a hard time calming Ellis and it does the trick.
4.  Ellis is growing like a weed. He is actually fitting into nine month clothes(and some 12 month) even though he is only 5 months old.  He's a big kid.  We are hoping for a basketball star.
5.  Ellis is a social bug.  He loves people.  He also gets very offended when we leave the room and will fake cough or cry to get us to look at him.  He also loves my friend, Sharri, and giggles at her when we are working out.  He also loves my friend, Kari, who he visits every Tuesday when I go to Weight Watchers.  He just looks for her as soon as he hears her voice.  Oh yeah, and he also loves all his relatives.  He was a huge hit in Wisconsin!

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

I am sure that he would love me too if ever he gets the chance to know me! :)