A little late...

Ellis is closer to seven months but here is the letter I wrote to him around his sixth month mark. 

I sure love him to pieces. He is one cute little guy and has so much personality. He is a people person who doesn't mind adventures. He's starting to cuddle more and more and I love it! Isn't he handsome?
He's so dang big. Now over 20 pounds and is head is in the 100th percentile. Crazy. 
Sometimes that head is too heavy to hold up so he uses our faces to steady himself. 

Dear Ellis-
You are now six months old and have gotten pretty big. Your head is actually now in the 100th percentile and your body in the 60th. You are just like daddy in lots of ways. You especially love to wear his sunglasses and giggle whenever he tickles you. You also smile when he enters the room. It is very special to me that you love him so much. I can tell you both will be the best of pals.  

You have started eating baby food and actually love prunes. I think you're weird for it but it helps your digestion. You're least favorite so far is peas but you eat them anyway, even if they make you gag a bit. 

You are close to fitting into 12 month clothes. We actually have run out of the free clothes and I had to go buy you a new wardrobe in that size. Right now 9 months fit but I suspect it won't be for long because you are growing like a weed. 

You are a social bug. You will smile for all people. My students especially love to talk to you when you come to watch them play basketball. You are still a little squealer but are "talking" more and more.  

You are moving more and more and can roll over. Usually, it's when we put you on your stomach but you have rolled from your back to your stomach a few times. You also love to kick your legs and have started to make it a little harder to change your diapers. You also have discovered your toes and reach for them as often as you can. You like laying on your back and playing the most and talk and squeal when you are on your back. You also think that my feet are pretty hilarious and laugh at them every night when I'm getting you ready for bed after your bath. You are also a stinker and are trying to get your diaper off when being changed. You also even laugh like you know what you are doing! We are in trouble!!

You still think Reno is hilarious and love when I help you chase him around the house. Reno is still a little unsure about you but he licks you when he can sneak it in, so I think he likes having you around, even though he is jealous that daddy loves you more than he loves him!!!  

You are getting good with gripping things and have learned how to throw things. I am hoping this means you will be good at sports. Whenever you get bored with a toy, you launch it across the room. You still love to watch sports and are easily distracted by the tv.  You have also started to pat your head whenever you are drinking a bottle to avoid sleep. You also tap your hands on the table or your lap, and you still love patty cake. 

I still call you a lot of different nicknames but bugs is the most popular followed closely by bugaboo. Sometimes I call you Mister Mist and when you are grumpy, Grumpy McGrumperson. Daddy called you our little Oyster the other day because you made a dry poop nugget. Silly daddy. 

You already have so much personality. You are a happy little guy. Right now you are screaming and playing on the floor near me. You also are sensitive to people. The other day when I was balling over a blog post I was reading while you were eating, you stopped and looked up at me with eyes of great concern almost as to say to me: "What's wrong mom? Everything will be ok." 

You have my heart kiddo. I look forward to teaching you things and to learn with you as well. Your little giggle when I come home from work keeps me going everyday. 

I love you bunches and cannot even remember or imagine life without you!
Love you, 


My Absence

Excuse my absence in writing. I've been distracted by this angel. 
I really don't do a whole lot these days. I get up and go to work. I teach, grade, and interact with teens all day. Then I hustle home to get Reuben and am mommy for the evening. 

Typically, this means feeding Ellis soon after coming home, he then naps a bit. Then we hang out for a bit(sometimes we live on the edge and go watch my school's basketball team play). Mainly, I sit and stare while he plays. At 7:30, he naps then is up to play and eat for a bit. I then bathe Ellis and get him ready for bed. He is usually(which means some nights are more of a challenge than others)out by 10:30. I'll wait for Reuben to come home, we chat a little about the day and then I'm asleep. Ellis will get me up somewhere between three and five to eat, then I go back to sleep and wake up at 6:30 to do it all again. 

It's busy and tiring but 300% worth it. Happy. Healthy. Living the dream. Loving it.