Hi.  It's May.  I don't even remember the last time I posted so I thought it was about time. Life is good here.  Just living the dream as I always tell people when they ask me how I am doing.

Right now, I am taking a million pictures from my phone and getting them onto a flash drive.  It is hard work.  I figured, seeing that I am here in front of the laptop and Reuben has Ellis for a few minutes, I should write on here.  Don't you just feel lucky to be reading?  I thought so. And can you believe my little guy was this small?  I have a hard time believing it when I see all these old pics!

Work has been a challenge lately.  Okay, so Monday was a huge challenge, but the rest of the week seemed to go smoothly.  I guess we all have THOSE kind of days.

I hadn't slept more than about 3 hours(Ellis decided that being up from about 4:30 until mommy went to work was a great plan), Reuben and I were both exhausted so we were a little mean to one another that morning, and then one of my students was a complete, well I don't usually use the word that comes to mind, so I will let it go.

In twelve years working in my current position, I have never had to leave my class.  But in the mood I was already in, I was either going to call that girl the word that was coming to mind, or I was going to throw something at her.  Both of those options probably would have had negative consequences.  So, I turned to my aide and said "I am going to go for a little walk, I should be back in a few minutes."  Then, as I opened the door to go into the hallway, I lost it.  When I am mad, I cry and cry.  So, I headed to my office to embrace the coming breakdown.  I then texted my vice principal to let her know what was going on and she went and covered my class and then checked on me after that class.  I was a wreck, so after meeting with the principal(who was also concerned about me and encouraged me to take the rest of the day off and to go home), I decided to go home.

It is amazing what a good nights rest after a horrible day will do.  The next day was fine and the rest of the week went without incident.  Good times.

Other than that, I am just living life.  I work, I come home, I sleep a little, then I wake up and do it all over again.

There are only about 20 days left of school, but who is counting.  I am looking forward to being a full time mommy for a couple of months and having many adventures. As I was telling some friends last night, I like Summer Alice; I can't wait to meet her again. (And by the way, don't get me wrong, I really do love my job and am very grateful for it, but this time of year is what every teacher needs to be able to love kids again come August.  Just sayin')

What have you guys been up to?


Elizabeth Peterson said...

Just walking away will be a technique you will most likely have to use as a Mommy also. I try to choose that then saying or doing something to my kids that I would later regret. I am glad that summer is almost here and what that means for you! Have a great weekend!

A GAL NEEDS said...

Glad you made it through. It seems crazy that there are only 20 days left!