A taste of summer life.

In this moment, I am laying on the couch while Ellis plays on the floor. This happens nearly everyday since summer has started. I need the time to wake up, even though Ellis does not. So, I lay and he plays. 

In 40 minutes, we will be watching the USA play soccer in the World Cup. Now, we are watching Treehouse Master, my summer TV obsession. It makes me want a treehouse, but my HOA probably wouldn't approve one! Maybe one day, when my dream of a house near a lake becomes reality, a treehouse will come to fruition. 

The days are filled with walks, letter writing(see my letter writing blog: letteralice.blogspot.com), feedings, diaper changes, reading books(both to Ellis and then for fun during nap time)and keeping Ellis from harms' way. Being a full time mommy is a pretty good gig. Maybe one day we will strike it rich and this could be my full time reality. For now, I'll just live in these wonderful moments. 

Reuben has been out of town quite a bit lately working in Indianapolis. I am appreciating him lots more because parenting is pretty hard core solo. Reuben is wonderful and helps so much. I'm missing him horribly and appreciating all he does even more while he's away. 

We celebrated two years of marriage this past weekend. Luckily, Reuben was able to come home for an extended weekend. It is crazy to think that we have already been married for two whole years. Sure, we are rookies in so many ways, but two years seems like a lot to this rookie. 

Now, it is 10:30pm. Ellis has been asleep for an hour now. We got busy this afternoon. A friend called, after Ellis' doctor appointment, with an invite to a pedicure. It had been almost a year since my last one, so I couldn't say no. Then another friend came to visit and invited us to eat burgers. Most of you know that I can't say no to burgers! Then, it was time to bathe and put Ellis to bed. Because I feel wide lately, I am now pedaling the exercise bike. A filled day and onto five days until we fly to Wisconsin.  Can't wait. 

News of the day: no more helmet head. Ellis looks like a completely different person. A little piece of me will miss little helmet head, but I'm glad the work of it is gone and that Ellis will be more comfortable. 


Ellis is 10 Months Old Today

I cannot believe how fast the time has gone since I became a mother last August.  Ellis is 10 months old today.  That time has flashed by and he has grown so much.  I sure do love that little fella.

Here is his letter:

Dear Ellis:
You are ten months old today.  The time has gone so very fast.  It is crazy to think of life before you.  You are now my regular.

You have grown so fast.   You are wearing 18 month clothes and weight about 25 pounds.  You have three teeth that are growing slowly.  Teething hasn't been our favorite.  You are a little grumpy and have been a little bit more stubborn the past few weeks.  The amazing thing about you, though, is the fact that even though you are in a lot of pain and don't feel well, you always are trying to make other people feel better and always want to make people laugh.

You love your Papa.  When you see him, you do, as he calls it, your "tricks."  You show off by dancing and making noises that involve lots of spit.  You like to blink both your eyes.  You both are very cute when you are playing.

You still love all people.  You are constantly trying to get people's attention so they will make faces and interact with you.  If you see kids, you especially will be noisy(mainly grunting) to try to get their attention.

You laugh more than you cry.  You are learning to crawl and mainly do an army crawl these days.  You have started to chase Reno around and laugh when he barks at you.  You have even started to growl at him the last few days.

You love to get near the wall so that you can kick it.  You beat on the walls or doors, which probably is getting old to our upstairs neighbors.  You also like to open and close the door.  Sometimes you even lock me out of the room because you are just behind the door.  Silly kid.  You also are starting to follow me everywhere and sometimes are clingy and only want your mommy.

Since teething you haven't been eating real food as much and prefer the bottle.  One day you just decided that you were done nursing.  You love dessert, especially ice cream and grunt when we aren't giving it to you fast enough.  You love to drink water out of cups and are offended if we don't share with you.  You also feel the same way, if you are not eating when we are.

You love to be outside.  Whenever you are a bit grumpy, I will take you outside and you instantly are calm.  You still love sports and will clap during the top ten plays on Sportscenter.  You love to play catch with balls and have your very own soccerball.

You love baths and especially splashing.  You try to throw all the toys out of the water and then get made because you are bored.  You also are still soothed by the song "Desperation," by Miranda Lambert.  It instantly gets you quite and calm.  You are very picky about music and like to tell me when you hate a song on the radio in the car.

You will now put your arms out to be held and also love to be thrown in the air.  You will actually try to climb me so I will throw you more. 

You also love to play peeka-boo and especially love to play it with the blanket Great-Grandma Rita made for you. You are becoming attached to that blanket and love to chew on it. It must make your gums feel better while you are teething. You will also roll around in said blanket all over your crib or the floor. 

You still are wearing a helmet to shape your head but could be done with it in a few weeks. It has become so much a part of you that we all will have to adjust to you looking normal without it. You have been a trooper about it and hardly ever complain about it.

I love you more and more each day as I get to know you more and more.  Thanks for teaching me so much about love and patience in these ten months we have been together.  I am so lucky to get to raise you and feel like I've known you forever.

Love you tons,